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FTalliance: Weaving Universities and Companies to Co-create Fashion-Tech Future Talents

Published date
26 Nov 2020

Project duration: 1 January 2020 - 31 December 2022
Funded by: Erasmus+ Programme, Knowledge Alliance in Higher Education institutions

Project summary

FTalliance is a 3-year Fashion-Tech industry-academia partnership aimed to facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge between universities and companies to boost students’ employability and innovation potential.

The project consortium comprises twelve partners from six countries: 5 fashion, design and engineering Higher Education institutions, 1 large fashion and apparel enterprise, 5 SMEs representing the Fashion-Tech ecosystem and the different supply chain segments and 1 Research Technology Organisation.

Project team

Project aims

FTalliance will define the emerging industry roles within the Fashion-Tech sector which will then nurture the HEI learning environments. Project-based experiences linked to Fashion-Tech market needs will be designed to enable graduates to access the employment market, complemented by residency experience to kickstart new Fashion-Tech career pathways.


The project starts with a series of knowledge exchange activities aimed to fine tune a multidisciplinary Fashion-Tech curriculum, involving relevant industry challenges. To support the competitive growth of the Fashion-Tech industry the project will develop educational experiences aimed to satisfy the competences and skills needed through project and challenge-based learning and will design and pilot innovative mentoring formats for students. Workshops will be launched in the form of challenged-based design activities to boost creative encounters within the framework of a number of industry briefs, allowing beneficial and reciprocal exchanges between the student participants and companies.

Lastly the project explores the development of a Fashion-Tech Residency and co-creation opportunities to foster innovative concept development and product prototypes. The residencies have the objective of generating a hands-on teaching model, embedding students in company innovation activities. The selected students will have the opportunity to develop their projects through coaching opportunities provided by the host company. At the end of the Residency period, FTalliance will deliver a portfolio of developed projects.


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