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UAL Creative Computing Institute

Research projects

Student holding up a digital tool
Student holding up a digital tool
Designing a feminist Alexa. UAL Creative Computing Institute.

Our research incorporates approaches from computer science, design research and creative practice. Our research enables new forms of cultural expression and explores the relationship between computing and the arts, connected to real industry need.

Our researchers and research partners can benefit from:

  • World class expertise in Creative AI including the application of machine learning in the creative industries
  • A diverse approach to Human Computer Interaction research that promotes computational equalities
  • A critical research environment exploring the platform effects of new technology, computation and big data

Explore our research projects and get in touch to study, collaborate and work with the Creative Computing Institute.

Creativity, Machine Learning and AI

This theme pursues new knowledge in how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can accelerate and transform the creative arts in the 21st Century.

Deep Learning Research Group

Professor Grierson leads the CCI’s Deep Learning Research Group with academics and PhD students across leading national and international institutions and partner organisations including Google and SONY.

The group explores the relationship between Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence and the Creative Industries, including in Fine Art, Film/Video, Sound, Music, Design and related areas, exploring both the development and creative application of new algorithms and techniques.


MIMIC is a £1million collaboration between Durham, Sussex, Goldsmiths, Google Magenta and CCI to build a web-based platform for cutting edge Creative Machine Learning. MIMIC focuses on machine listening and generative approaches to sound, music and art creation using a range of approaches, including new, deep learning models for sound synthesis.

Massive Attack: Mezzanine AI remix project

In collaboration with Massive Attack and the CCI, researchers led by Professor Mick Grierson have created an AI remix of the classic Massive Attack album, Mezzanine. The work is part of the Barbican’s AI: More Than Human exhibition, and allows visitors to participate in generating new versions of the album in real-time.


InteractML is a software development project associated with 4i focused on developing a Unity node-based plugin for making it easier to integrate Machine Learning into VR and games.

EPIC MegaGrant - $25,000 from Epic Games to integrate the InteractML tool into the Unreal engine.

Project Toyko

Project Tokyo is a funded collaboration with Microsoft Research, using machine learning to enable people who are blind or have low vision to make better sense of their surroundings.

Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a specific field of computing research exploring the many complex relationships between humans and technology in ways that reflect human agency and human concerns.


4i is a £497,829 project exploring the development of new Machine Learning tools for real-time embodied interaction in virtual reality for games, dance, and interactive art.

HEartS Professional

HEartS Professional is a £156,000 AHRC funded Covid project using VR and MR to explore new opportunities for Live music performance. Dr Vali Lalioti, Collaboration with Royal College of Music and Imperial College London.

Funded projects

PhD student Angus Main is working in collaboration with Google to evaluate, explore and understand how AIY kits offer new methods for interaction and collaboration.

Other PhD students and staff associated with CCI are exploring the creation of new hardware and software for accessibility, rehabilitation, game interaction and immersive environments.

These include collaborations with Special Educational Needs schools for children with Autism and learning disabilities, stroke patients at UCL Hospital, and games companies including SONY.

Platforms, Big Data and Digital Citizenship

Contemporary digital systems, online services and social platforms facilitate the collection and analysis of information in ways that are having a huge impact on current and future societies.

The Wellcome HUB

CCI is lead academic institution on the prestigious £1million Wellcome Hub Project, Heart n Soul at the Hub. CCI is creating a distributed digital media platform that uses big-data methods to understand how the general public perceive learning disability and autism.

This project is part of a collaboration with disability arts organisation Heart n Soul, UCL Centre for Research in Autism in Education (CRAE) and the RCA’s Helen Hamlyn Centre.

Coastal Aural archive of Spaces & Time

CoaAst is a project which involves a small community (Bamburi Beach) located in the coastal area in Kenya close to Mombasa. CoaAST investigates the impact that changes in the environmental and economic conditions along the coastal areas of Mombasa have had upon the communities that live there, and on their cultural practices.


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    Credit: Ana Escobar Ana Escobar,

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    Photography: Ana Escobar, UAL Creative Computing Institute
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