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Antonius Van den Broek

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Strategy in Digital Design firms

London College of Communication

Over the last decade there has been an exponential growth of scholarly interest in the management of creative enterprises. While many studies have focused on the management of creative individuals and creative processes, corporate level management and more specifically strategic decision-making, has received little attention in the creative realm. Especially the new and fast growing Digital Design (or service design) sector falls short of empirical research on strategic decision-making. This study aims to contribute to this literature by exploring how strategic decisions are taken in this highly creative and technological context.

Because of the unique nature of digital design firms (because of the combination of project based structure, service based value proposition, knowledge work, polyarchy, informality, technological dependence, etc) traditional strategic decision-making theories have limited applicability. Instead, a social theory approach seems better equipped to capture the emergence and the involvement and influence of the many actors in the decision-making processes.

This study focuses on strategic decision-making in global, medium sized digital design firms in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.


Dr Alison Prendiville

Prof Alison Rieple (Westminster Business School)