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Fangyu Cheng

Published date
29 May 2019

Architecture as performance: The trace of performance within ambiguities of spatial sequence

College: Chelsea College of Arts
Supervisors: Dr Ken Wilder, Bernice Donszelmann

This practice-based research is concerned with the relationship between architecture and performance. It focuses on the domestic architectural interior, where we participate in the ‘everyday’ utilitarian usage of space. The research engages with the functionality of architecture but addresses the question of how interior function might be understood (spatially) as a choreographed or performed event. Moreover, it investigates how such a ‘performance’ in turn might generate ambiguities of function.

Aims and objectives

  • The aim is to investigate how body movements may be constrained or configured by architecture conceived as a performance, in order to demonstrate the potential of spatial ambiguity in such a way that interior function is not only understood as utility, but encompasses a wider narrative tension of how we bodily interact with space through repetition.