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Timothy Smith

Published date
29 May 2019

Queering of memory/temporality/subjectivity: Subversive methods in audiovisual practice

College: London College of Communication
Supervisors: Professor Angus Carlyle, Dr Maria Walsh


My practice-based PhD research is interested in developing a queer/feminist understanding of sound, memory, voice, affect, temporality, spectrality and subjectivity, in relation to audiovisual artwork.

Context and background

Building on established theories in cinema and sound studies, whilst engaging with current debates around affect and queer theory, the work attempts to make porous the boundaries between genres, whilst identifying a range of subversive strategies implemented by artists intent on amplifying the voices of marginalised communities.
The project examines a number of audiovisual works (both my own and those of other artists) within a framework comprised of different configurations of time and subjectivity. A journey that encompasses a vast array of temporalities: from the deep time of geological landscapes and their mythological narratives; the recent ‘historical’ past (and a necessary queering of memory); the embodied present in all its haptic sensuality; and then forward/outward towards the future, with all it multiplicitous, (im)possibilities.

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