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Self Made Worlds

Exhibition of work by artists, designers and film makers, relating to the fascination of the scale model.

4 October - 22 November 2013

Self Made Worlds comprises artists and designers who depict tableaux, artificial environments and alternative realities, constructed either as sculpture, props and models, or as subjects for photography, painting and animated film.

The works articulate the tension between inner and outer spheres, and between interiority and exteriority, and are conceived and realised through intense engagement with materials, attention to detail, and the concern for meaningful content.

Often by editing down to a microcosm, the final object presented is almost hyperreal in its detail and verisimilitude. This is certainly true of several of the works included, which take on a haunting, yet darkly humorous quality, reminiscent of a dream.

This characteristic of the miniature is in part due to the fact that the enormous is so difficult to relate to in an individual way. Small things, by definition, have edges that are finite and known - hence the reason a tiny grain of sand can stand in for the enormity of the universe.

Self Made Worlds includes works that invite a sense of wonder in the viewer. The works represented demonstrate making processes that relate to a range of practices such as model and prop making, polychrome carving, set design and museology.

The exhibition will present another version of the world in which we live, where the viewer visually enters an imaginary space - places from everyday life that merge with dream spaces, creating new hybrid worlds, imaginary tableaux derived from memory and fantasy.

Curated by Kim Pace.


Barnaby Barford, Kate Belton, Louise Bristow, Corin Hardy, Richard Hudson, Peter McKintosh, Kim Pace, Nicholas Pace, Cathie Pilkington, Christopher Stevens, Russell Webb, Sarah Woodfine.

View photos of the show on Flickr