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Fashion Buying and Merchandising for Footwear

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding of how a footwear buying and merchandising department set seasonal strategies, plan stock levels, analyse and react to sales performance, develop and build ranges, manage the critical path and supply chain, trend forecast and stay ahead of the competition.

The course will include:

  • Footwear industry structure
  • Footwear customer profiling
  • Footwear B&M roles
  • Footwear competitor shop reporting
  • Footwear critical path and buying calendar
  • Footwear range planning and strategizing
  • Footwear supply chain and production management
  • Footwear stock planning, management and analysis of trade reactions
  • Footwear OTB, WSSI and sales forecasting
  • Footwear range building, catwalk analysis and trend adaption
  • Footwear range development and sampling process
  • Footwear quality control process
  • Footwear costings, margins and price negotiations