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Taste and the Home

Interior of house.

Beyond boundaries: taste and the everyday.

Chair: Professor Carol Tulloch

This international panel of Professor Ben Highmore, Professor Susan Kaiser, Dr Michael McMillan and Professor Carol Tulloch, considers taste and the everyday in private and public spaces.

Key questions for this panel include:

  • While Bourdieu rightly points out that there are hierarchies of taste, do we live those hierarchies in our day-to-day sensorial existence? - Ben Highmore
  • What happens with the move of everyday object from one context to another, thereby pushing the boundaries of public and private and the devolution of taste and taste-making through the body? - Susan Kaiser
  • How do we understand the incorporation of strategic and tactical code-switching of the presentation of self by individuals and cultural groups between one geographical space and another? - Michael McMillan

These questions have emerged in online discussions between the panellists and the panel chair, Professor Carol Tulloch, which began as a response to Tulloch’s personal anecdote of the place of the champagne glass in the domestic life of her Jamaican parents.

Tulloch, Highmore, Kaiser and McMillan present much needed, new, constructive and inventive thought on taste and the everyday.