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Projection / Expulsion: Strategies of Beholding

Symposium and accompanying exhibition that aimed to bring a new critical awareness to the way in which beholding is also a ‘being-held’.

14 March 2015

It considered moving image installation and sound works where the embodied beholder is already prescribed as an implicit presence, anticipated by the work.

Contrary to the uncritical immersive tendencies of film and surround sound technologies, the event highlighted new approaches to spectatorship: modes of engagement whereby a tension is realised between projecting onto the artwork and experiencing a sense of expulsion, exclusion or even repulsion.

It addressed the role of technology and / or configurational properties in structuring this projective / expulsive relation.

Chaired by Aura Satz and Dr Ken Wilder.

Projection / Expulsion was presented by the Spaces and Narrations research group at Chelsea College of Arts.

Introduction - Dr Ken Wilder

Noise / Sound - speakers and papers:

  • Dr Hillel Schwartz - Siren and Shadow, or Hearing it Coming
  • Professor David Toop - Respiration / Improvisation / Time
  • Both followed by a discussion with Aura Satz

Film / Performance - speakers and papers:

  • Laura U Marks - Metadata and the Fragrance of Being. Followed by a discussion with Professor Catherine Elwes
  • James Hamilton - Spaces, Places and Sounds in Performance Arts. Followed by a discussion with Professor Jane Collins

Panel discussion

Films and installations by:

  • Karimah Ashadu
  • Robin Jenkins
  • Adam Kossoff
  • Aaron McPeake
  • Aura Satz
  • Dr Ken Wilder