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Student Takeover: Graphic Design Camberwell 2018, Isobel Jarvis

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.10.44
Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.10.44

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16 June 2018

Every year BA Graphic Design develop a concept and visual identity for their summer show. This year we felt that we not only wanted to create a visual identity that represented us, the graduating class of 2018, but also one that represented and highlighted one of the pinnacle parts of the BA course, here at Camberwell College of Arts, process. 

From day one, the course emphasizes the importance of process and its documentation. Process meaning the research and development of a concept or idea, which in turn informs one’s final graphical outcome. Through-out the 3 years we are encouraged to record the development of our design ideas in process books (which will be on display at the summer show), this way our final outcomes are informed and well-researched pieces.

We wanted to show this important part of our design practice by showing you a live video feed of the process of building and curating our summer show. The live video stream shows our show team in the exhibition space, building and curating the show ready for the opening night. The feed is more than often amusing and entertaining, with some fabulous dancing from the likes of some students (whom I’m sure you can all guess the identity of **cough Toby Dexter cough**). Watch a demo of the site and live feed below.

So far, we have seen the curation team (Katherine Marriot, Toby Dexter, Tash Smith-Langridge and Will Eels) building display tables, hanging an intriguingly large tarpaulin sheet and carrying copious and if I may dare say questionable amounts of wood around the exhibition space. As one member of the team proudly declared, “we do love wood!”. The curation team wanted to “use industrial and raw materials to imitate the space and highlight the idea of exposing process” – Tash Smith-Langridge. If you want to view this design spectacle in progress first hand simply go to and watch away to your heart’s desire!

As for the actual branding elements, including the logo, social media and website design, the team responsible are Imogen Walker, Jordan Weaver, Shawn Sawyers and Josh Attwood. “The blue circle comes from the live recording sign from the live stream and the grid on the website come from Tv holding screens” – Imogen Walker. The design is clean and minimal allowing space for the work at the show to speak for itself.

Sneak previews of this year’s graduates work, that will be on show in the exhibition from the 16th – 23rd June at the Peckham Road site, can be seen on our Instagram. Even better, if that doesn’t quench your thirst for Graphic Design you are more than welcome to come along to our private view on the 18th of June (6-9pm) and see all the hard work we have put in this year yourself. Better still, if that’s not incentive enough to come there is also free beer available with thanks to Truman’s Brewery! So, come along, join us in celebrating our work and grab a beer (or two)! We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy Toby’s dancing on the live feed in the meantime!

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