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Student Charlie Hodgson shares his views about the Foundation Diploma

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18 February 2015

Charlie Modgson Foundation student Charlie Hodgson swapped his local college, Wimbledon, to join Camberwell College of Arts after being inspired by  the artistic community around this area. He recently showcased his work during the group exhibition: 67.11 that took place at Camberwell’s Wilson Road campus and met with us to share his views about the courses Fine Art Drawing Specialism.

How has your experience at Camberwell been so far? 

I’m having a great time studying in Camberwell. The studio is a great space to share ideas with others. I have learnt a lot through my peers.

Please tell us about your experience and why did you choose the Drawing specialism?

It was a good opportunity to try out different things that I hadn’t experienced before as well as meeting people through the rotations. The 6-week period, which is part of the diagnostic mode, is a good amount of time to try everything and make an informed decision. The specialism suited me the best, as I was able to do pretty much anything I wanted but with few barriers in terms of what you can make. I always tended to draw more than paint or make sculptures so that had an impact on my decision.

Charlie Modgson

Image by Charlie Hodgson

How was the 67:11 show at Wilson Road?

It was eye opening for me; I really didn’t know how much work goes into curating an exhibition. It was a great learning experience and an enjoyable one too. It was a success as well!

Personally, I have learnt to become much more analytic of my own work as well as of other people’s work too, which helped when arranging the show.

Charlie Modgson

Image by Charlie Hodgson

What are your plans for the near future?

I plan to study Fine Art next year, potentially within UAL.

Do you have any advice for future students?

I highly recommend a Foundation course to those who are unsure of the area they want to specialise in. It’s a really beneficial year where you get to understand what it will be like to study at degree level and make a strong body of work.

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