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JUST MAKE IT: Pouring molten bronze with MA Book Arts

Foundry technicians using a crucible to pour molten bronze into a cast
Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
06 July 2016

One of the workshops available at Camberwell is the Foundry which allows our students to produce metal castings. We saw one of our MA Book Arts students, Tim Burrough, working in the Foundry recently and asked him how the Foundry just makes it?

“The bronze pouring takes place every couple of weeks as students’ get their moulds ready and is overseen by Becky and Dan the Foundry Technicians who handle the crucible. I have two moulds being poured in one day containing three sculptures along with other students’ work. Once the bronze has cooled the supporting structure will be broken away to reveal the works and then finishing can take place. Once excess bronze has been ground down and detail added back in, these sculptures will form part of my final show, sitting alongside photographs and bookworks during the MA Book Arts show on 14 July 2016.”


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