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JUST MAKE IT: Foundation Workshops

The Reuse Exchange
The Reuse Exchange
The Reuse Exchange
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18 December 2015

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students have access to a variety of workshops to support them during their studies. Students are encouraged to take part in inductions and workshops in all three technical resource areas, 3D Design, Printmaking and Digital Media.

Each workshop is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable technicians who help students develop their projects throughout the year. Students also have access to The Reuse Exchange, a recycling project set up by college staff to provide students with access to wider materials. Here we provide an overview of the workshop area’s on site and profiles of our technicians who are on hand to support students.

Workshop areas: Wood, plastics, metals, casting and mould making.

Equipment: Bandsaw pillar drills, fretsaw, vacuum former, hot wire strip heater, wax and Vinamould melting pots, metal guillotine, soldering stations and spot welder.

Opening times: Monday to Friday (closed Wednesday) from 10:00 – 16:30

Technicians: Ashleigh Pearson (Mondays and Tuesdays) and Manda Helal (Thursdays and Fridays)

3D and Digital Media Technician Ashleigh Pearson working the the £D workshop with students

3D and Digital Media Technician, Ashleigh Pearson

Ashleigh Pearson

“With a background in Fine Art, carpentry and joinery I’m in the unique position of working in both the 3D Workshop and Digital Media Suite here at the Progression Centre. I’ve always been curious about the photographic image and love thinking about its capabilities and limits. I have helped set up a lens-based media studio where I enjoy helping students work on stop-frame animations and photographic projects. Equally I love the workshop environment. Even more so a workshop based in a creative learning environment where we get to try out new things and help students across diverse pathways make their ideas happen.

Passionate about craftsmanship, with a keen eye for detail, I love learning more about materials and processes. Ameet Hindocha and I collaborate on a blog called ‘Cultivate Arts’ ( when we can. ‘Cultivate Arts’ was born out of the desire to explore the dialogue between student and technician and celebrate the making that happens in the technical resources at the Progression Centre.”

3D Workshop Technician Manda Helal in the workshop pictured with mould and casting samples

3D Technician, Manda Helal

Manda Helal

“I have been an educator for more than 25 years. I have spent seven years with University of the Arts London, initially as a ceramic technician at Wimbledon College of Art and currently as a 3D Technician at the Progression Centre. I help students experiment and create with mainly wood, metal and plastics. I assist students working with found materials, some casting and mould making, and generally try to help solve creative problems. When possible, I can also be found in the ceramics workshop at Camberwell College of Arts helping to create learning and teaching resources. My own work can be viewed at”

Printmaking Workshop

Workshop Areas: Preparation space (for dry and clean preparation work), main printmaking studio and the washout room for cleaning equipment and washing screens.

Equipment: Work benches, presses, light exposure unit, sewing machines, relief presses, intaglio press, letterpress, print table.

Processes: Letterpress, linocut, woodcut, etching, screen printing (fabric and paper), etching, mono printing, cyanotype techniques, paper and book arts, heat transfer print and fabric manipulation.

Opening times: Monday to Friday (closed Wednesday) from 10:00 – 16:30

Technicians: Henrietta Simson (Mondays and Tuesdays) and Carla Fallen (Thursdays and Fridays)

Printmaking Technician Henrietta Simson in the Printmaking workshop

Printmaking Technician, Henrietta Simson

Printmaking Technician Carla Fallen in the Printmaking workshop. Background of Letterpress prints and printing presses

Printmaking Technician, Carla Fallen

Carla Fallen

“I have worked for University of the Arts London for the past eight years. I previously worked at Wimbledon College of Arts on the Foundation course’s Fashion and Textiles pathway and also as a Theatre technician before moving to the Progression Centre. Before working in education I worked in Film, TV, Commercials and Theatre as a costume supervisor and design assistant.  I currently also work as a freelance floral designer and run a community stitch project, details of which can be found at:”

Digital Media Workshop

Workshop Areas: Twenty Apple Mac computers plus two computers for stop frame animation and sound editing. Animation and Photography studio for stop frame animation and small scale studio photography.

Equipment/Software: All Macs have Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, iMovie, Garageband, Google SketchUp and a number of other packages. In the Animation and Photography studio students can also access iStopMotion softwarem DSLR cameras and studio lighting.

Opening times: Monday to Friday (closed Wednesday) from 10:00 – 16:30

Technicians: Ameet Hindocha (Mondays and Tuesdays) and Ashleigh Pearson (Thursdays and Fridays)

Digital Media Technician Ameet Hindocha pictured working on the Mac computers in the Digital Media suite. Ameet is working on a geometric repeat print.

Digital Media Technician Ameet Hindocha

Ameet Hindocha

“I am at the core a graphic designer, however I make visual work using whichever media best communicates an idea. I am particularly interested in process and how digital media can be used as part of a workflow that incorporates analogue techniques (e.g. drawing, printmaking, book construction, paper-folding) to create unique processes and outcomes.”

The Reuse Exchange

The Reuse Exchange - photograph of project, storage of materials including fabric samples, electricals, leather, wool, mannequins

The Reuse Exchange at the Progression Centre

The Reuse Exchange was set up by course staff and technicians as a facility to help encourage sustainability and provide students with access to wider materials.  In the basement of the Progression Centre students can drop off old projects and excess materials which will then be broken down and sorted at the Reuse Exchange. Students can then take away materials for use in a new project.

Students also have access to the Central Loan Store at Camberwell College of Arts Undergraduate building. Here they can borrow digital resources including cameras, Macbooks, projectors, and lenses, all free of charge. Students who sepcialise in Photography also have access to the dark room facilities based at the Undergraduate building.

If you have any questions regarding resources please get in touch at:

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