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IN THE KNOW: MA Printmaking graduate Isabel Wilkinson wins residency

Visualisation of popping sound II, Heike Munro
Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
03 March 2016

Isabel Wilkinson is a graduate of MA Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts. Recently she won a two week residency after being selected for Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2015 Exhibition. Isabel will spend her two week residency with Tom Hammick at his studio in Sussex. She will work along side Tom and have the opportunity to use his custom-built printing press. We caught up with Isabel who told us about the work she created for the exhibition.

“The images I create are a conduit for stories: semi-fictional narratives where my own contemporary reality and lived experience of place collide with the myths and folklore that I have absorbed as a reader, listener and viewer. I collect items from the landscape, such as fragments of stone and fossils. I then use drawing and collage to evoke these shapes in the form of large-scale monoprints, exploring the potentiality of place and the moment.

These monoprints depict new places and forms born of an amalgamation of real and fictional landscapes and the events that occur in them. The immediacy and texture of the monoprinting process conjure the temporality and materiality of analogue filmmaking, capturing a fleeting moment before it passes. The contrast between the speed of printing and the ancient monuments suggested by the shapes is echoed by the visual contrasts in the work. My most recent work explores the life and death of Orpheus, the archetypal poet and original storyteller, whose own story mingles myth and the authentic experience and contemporary reality of those who have retold it.”

The Oracle at Lesbos, monoprint, 2015 and Shade, monoprint and chine collé, 2015

The Oracle at Lesbos, monoprint, 2015 and Shade, monoprint and chine collé, 2015

Isabel will be taking part in a group show with some fellow graduates from MA Printmaking. It starts on the 17 June 2016 at Lockbund Gallery, Cropredy, and is titled By Darkness a Star is Perfected.

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