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CAMBERWELL CAMEO: Show Time with Foundation student Francesca Scott-Sills

Francesca Scott-Sills 2
Francesca Scott-Sills 2

Written by
Loula Mercedes
Published date
08 May 2017

Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Summer Show 2017 is about to start and student Francesca is taken over Camberwell’s blog to talk about her love for found objects and her final major project. 

Hey my name is Francesca Scott-Sills and I have just completed my last project in the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Camberwell! I am from south east London so only a bus ride away from the Camberwell’s foundation building.

During my Foundation year I have specialised in fine art drawing. In my practice I use a lot of found objects and imagery and I like to create collages and sculptures with a natural theme.

 collage of a boy on a red top against green grass, the boy's face is covered with live moss, work by student Francesca Scott-Sills

For my final piece for the end of year show I made a hoop filled with images which I had taken using a disposable camera and suspended them from a found branch. The photography is intended to give the viewer a feeling of the sublime within a natural landscape and my work is inspired by the things I find mostly outside. I like to experiment with how I can change found materials’ contexts in order to use it as art. My favourite material I used this year was moss just because you can find it almost anywhere and its smell creates a natural atmosphere.

Detail of final piece by Francesca Scott-Sills.

When putting up my piece I had a lot of help from the technical support team who I owe so much to, without them I doubt my final piece would still be standing.  The show is open to the public starting from the 9th May so come down to Wilson road if you can. My work will be in one of the fine art rooms, but I would recommend looking in the design rooms downstairs for a Shane Sutherland’s work he has created plaster and concrete moulds of interior spaces. His work has been moulded from small spaces around the foundation building, but looks as though they could also be small models of exterior architecture.

Detail of sculpture work by student Work by Francesca Scott-Sills,

Detail of final piece by Francesca Scott-Sills

I was inspired by so many of the students around me this year, many in fine art pathway painting and drawing. Check out ‎Shakira Velasquez Malik’s projection work and try to interact with the light as her photos are all about how people react to light and experimentation with it. Also watch out for Kailene Grey’s balloon structure which is so colourful you cannot miss it and literally brightened up my days when I walked into the studio

For my final work I was inspired by an interactive piece at the Tate modern called ‘London Fog #03779’ by Fujiko Nakaya for its immersive nature. She transforms the South Terrace of the Tate Modern Gallery with fog sculptures, animated by a light and soundscape. This piece was unforgettable for its immersive nature and consuming feeling. Once in the fog you could not distinguish people around you or even see your hand if you outstretched it. This feeling of being consumed in something natural is how I want my piece to make people feel.

Next year I am going on to study Fine art critical practice at Brighton University but will definitely be coming back to London and Camberwell a lot to stay in touch with the people I met on this foundation course. I hope to go on to collaborate with as many people and artists as I can as this year showed me how exciting it is to work with and alongside other creatives. The show runs from the week beginning 8 May so come down to Wilson road if you can.

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Summer Show 2017 is open to the public from  Monday 8 May to Friday 12 May 2017.

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