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BA Drawing tutor Annette Robinson selected as a Jerwood Drawing Prize Artist 2015

Charlie Oscar Patterson 6
Charlie Oscar Patterson 6
Charlie Oscar Patterson Courtesy of Conran Shop Selfridges
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15 October 2015

The Jerwood Drawing Prize is the largest and longest running open exhibition for Drawing in the UK. This year, the work of BA Drawing tutor Annette Robinson was selected to be exhibited alongside the work of 58 other artists at Jerwood Space, London. Chosen by an esteemed panel of judges, original works from the selected artists will be on display until 25 October 2015.

We caught up with Annette to find out more about her piece in the exhibition and her work here at Camberwell.

Please tell us a bit about your practice and background, how did you become a BA Drawing lecturer at Camberwell?

I have taught at Camberwell on the Drawing Course since 2004, I was first invited in as a visiting artist after this I was employed as an Associate Lecturer until securing my current post in 2009.

How would you define ‘Drawing’?

I would define drawing as a mode of enquiry.

What makes BA Drawing at Camberwell different from other Undergraduate Fine Art courses?

An exciting aspect of drawing is how expansive it is as a subject, it is used across a range of a disciplines, not just in the arts. On our course we have worked with architects, mathematicians, cartographers, acrobats, choreographers, dancers and surgeons among others and students also have an option to study anatomy.

The course is different due to the focus on drawing from the outset. Through interrogating and exploring the various conditions of drawing, students are encouraged to embrace an expanded view of the subject, reflecting contemporary art practice.

Annette Robinson, ‘Musical Box 2’. Partner drawing to work featured in Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015

Annette Robinson, ‘Musical Box 2’. Partner drawing to work featured in Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015

Please tell us about your work that has been selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 exhibition

The work selected is one of a pair. I made a series of drawings of the mechanism of an old musical box, focussing on the metal notes and drum at the heart of the box. A separate series of drawings were made of a clay object that I had animated. I was testing drawing with clay enjoying both its fluidity and its resistance to the surface of the paper. Although independently drawn I found that putting the drawings together served to animate them both. They are part of a larger series of pieces that explore the mechanical and the freely formed.

How does it feel to be involved in the exhibition?

It’s great to be involved in the exhibition though with the numbers involved it really is a lottery. I’m not complaining though and it’s great that the selectors responded positively to the drawing.

The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 exhibition is open at Jerwood Space, London until 25 October 2015.

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