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inculcate 4
inculcate 4

Written by
Jane Cuppage
Published date
27 May 2016

Fredrik Andersson from 3rd Year BA Illustration course at Camberwell has spent a lot of his time in the College printmaking workshops. Now, close to the end of his third and final year he wanted to express his gratitude for all the things he has learnt from the technicians and tutors regarding printmaking. So he organised the ‘Inculcate’ art show, exhibiting the work from the technicians and teachers, also promoting the Colleges vast knowledge within all areas of printmaking. Here, we have images of a week of preparations that went into the show, as well as some of the final prints. 

Poster for 'Inculcate' at Peckham Pelican 27-29 May

Poster for ‘Inculcate’ at Peckham Pelican 27-29 May

Planning for 'Inculcate' show

Planning for ‘Inculcate’ show

At work with the prints

At work with the prints

inculcate 1

Selection of prints for 'Inculcate'

Selection of prints for ‘Inculcate’

Work by Camberwell technician Brian Hodgson

Work by Camberwell technician Brian Hodgson

‘Inculcate’ print show takes place at Peckham Pelican, 27-29 May, opening night begins from 17:00. All proceeds will go towards raising money for Fredrik’s external graduation show ‘LOOK HERE’, taking place in Peckham, Thursday 30 June.

You can see more of ‘Inculcate’ on Camberwell’s Instagram for Fredrik’s Instagram takeover!

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