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Sarah Woodfine

MA Fine Art Drawing Pathway Leader
Camberwell College of Arts
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Sarah  Woodfine


Sarah Woodfine explores imaginary worlds that sit between the familiar and fantastical.

All Woodfine’s work centres on drawing. There is a certain element of gothic darkness to her work. This is conjured up through the relationship between the precise and heavily drawn pencil process she employs combined with the subject matters depicted. Her drawing method employs a repetitive almost obsessive-compulsive process.

The drawings often take the form of either 3-dimensional constructions in cases and glass domes, or as two-dimensional drawings encased in liquid filled domes.

Woodfine studied postgraduate sculpture at the Royal Academy Schools, graduating in 1995. She went on to win the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2004 and is represented by Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art.

Woodfine's work has been exhibited internationally and is held in various public and private collections, including London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and Middlesbrough's Institute of Modern Art.


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