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Sam Windett

BA Fine Art Painting Associate Lecturer
Camberwell College of Arts
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Sam  Windett


Sam Windett’s paintings possess a sense of model-logic, using abstracted systems to interpret information of something else to become a self-sustained work with its own language.

Often working from sculptural assemblages he builds in his studio, Windett uses items such as plants, bits of wood, ribbon or gaffer tape as departure points for his painterly translation; reconstructing these as an essence of palpable lines, fields and forms.

Windett's small scale canvases invoke the power of the totemic, with the mysterious geometries and organic brushwork of his compositions suggesting an enduring interconnectivity and balance; resolving as science fiction-like mandalas, or microcosms of elemental order.

Windett’s work is regular exhibited in the UK and internationally, featuring at galleries such as Sies + Höke (Düsseldorf), Marc Foxx (Los Angeles), Galerie Nordenhake (Berlin), BolteLang (Zurich), Jacky Strenz (Frankfurt), Jerwood Space (London) and Martos Gallery (New York).


BA Fine Art Painting