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Supporting the curriculum

UAL teaching

Find out about key staff, programmes and resources that support academic and teaching staff to develop and embed enterprise and employability learning in the curriculum.

Key programmes

Teaching enhancement workshops and events

We regularly develop events for staff and external networks.

Support for validation and revalidation

We support courses through review, validation and revalidation. This includes development and feedback with course teams to better articulate and embed employment and enterprise within the curriculum and guidance for writing course handbooks.

Contact the Careers and Employability College and Curriculum Manager for details of the validation and revalidation support workshops on offer.

Creative Attributes Framework

Creative Attributes Framework provides guidance for embedding and enhancing enterprise and employability within the curriculum at University of the Arts London.

The framework provides a structure to inform staff, students, and other stakeholders how students and graduates develop the wide-ranging qualities, experience and behaviours that prepare them for the future and enable them to develop and sustain a rewarding professional life. Find out more about the Creative Attributes Framework.

Check out The Art of Enterprise and Employability Blog for our latest events.

Further programmes that support the curriculum

These programmes can help your students and graduates directly, and help you build specialist knowledge into the curriculum.

Creative intellectual property

Help your students and graduates understand how to protect and manage their intellectual property (IP) as they prepare for and enter the creative industries.

The online resource provides comprehensive information, case studies, articles and learning support relating to IP for creative professionals. It provides can help you keep up-to-date on the best ways to support your students and graduates with informing themselves about IP and understanding the value of protecting it.

Through support from our Intellectual Property Lecturer we offer Extra-Curricular and Co-curricular delivery of Intellectual Property learning for all UAL courses.


Artquest is a comprehensive online resource that equips artists with critical awareness of the contexts in which they operate creatively and financially, as well as providing practical support practitioners need to earn money and make work.

It offers advice, information and opportunities to artists at any stage of their working life, whether students, recent graduates, employees, freelancers or experienced professionals. Access is free for all and all content is written by artists, curators and other visual arts professionals. Take advantage of Artquest's 2,000 pages  of advice, information, links, films, audio, documents and reports to support your students.

The Source

Aiming to embed enterprise and employability skills within the fine art curriculum, an Artquest, in collaboration with Wimbledon College of Arts project, The Source, developed a pedagogic framework and teaching resources that would support art tutors to deliver enterprise and employability sessions that were contextualised in relation to their students’ art practices.

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