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Essential coronavirus info
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Email, calendar and personal storage

Student work of a pink computer with a gold keyboard.
Student work of a pink computer with a gold keyboard.
Copyright: David Poultney, Web design and digital painting by Ben Sullivan, Summer Show, MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital, Camberwell College of Arts.

Find out how to log in to your UAL email account and CELCAT timetable.

Graduated in Summer 2020?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, access to UAL email accounts and systems has been extended until 31 July 2021 for all those who graduated during Summer 2020. Access will then be closed and cannot be reactivated.

Once you have accepted your place on a course, you will be given a UAL email address, Office 365 account, integrated calendar, and personal storage.


Office 365

Log into Office 365 with your UAL credentials and open the Outlook app from the menu. This will open as a tab in your internet browser.

MyUAL app

Access your UAL account emails from the Email tile in the MyUAL app.

Mobiles and tablets

You must download the Outlook app to your mobile or tablet to access your UAL emails. The option to access your account via your device's native mail app will be discontinued soon.

Download the Outlook app

  1. Search and download the Outlook app in the App Store or Google Play store
  2. Open the app and choose 'Add Account'
  3. Enter your UAL email address
  4. If prompted, sign into the UAL login screen with your credentials
  5. You may also receive an additional MFA verification prompt, if appropriate
  6. Choose 'Get Started' to open your inbox

Use of Email Facilities code of conduct

You must comply with the UAL Use of Email Facilities code of conduct. It is against UAL policy to send spam and junk mail, including unsolicited mass mailings.

Stay safe

Read our quick advice on:


CELCAT is used for your academic timetable. You can view this in different ways online, including syncing it to your own email calendar. Find the one that works for you on Your UAL Timetable.

Personal storage


You have 1TB of storage in your Microsoft OneDrive account and it's a great way to send large, non-confidential files whilst on the go.

Important points to remember:

  • OneDrive is not backed up by UAL. Keep another copy elsewhere and avoid storing confidential files.
  • Anything moved to the recycle bin will remain in there for 30 days. Once gone, it cannot be restored.

Access OneDrive by downloading the app or via Office 365. Find more tips on the Microsoft website.

Home Drive

Your Home Drive (H:) is your personal storage space on the UAL Network. You can access it via any UAL computer and have 500MB of space.

  • UAL PC: find your Home Drive in 'My Documents'.
  • UAL Mac: Find the drive labelled with your UAL username on your desktop.
  • Storage is limited - if the limit is reached, you will not be able to access the drive.

You will lose access to your UAL email account 150 days after the date your course ends. Ahead of this time, you should:

  • Forward important emails and attachments to your personal email or back up your emails.
  • Save any contacts from your Office 365 account and important files from Moodle, OneDrive and Sharepoint.
  • Use your personal email address for CVs, your portfolio and job applications.

Need IT support?

Contact the UAL IT Service Desk