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Protect your tech from home

Written by
Internal Communications
Published date
23 April 2020

It’s now more important than ever to keep your technology working well – particularly laptops. Here are some key tips to keep your work safe.

Back up your work

Remember to use the 3, 2, 1 rule:

  • 3 places to save it e.g. laptop, Google docs/OneDrive, email it to yourself
  • 2 connected devices – make sure you can access from your computer and a phone/iPad if available
  • 1 offline backup – print a copy or use a USB stick (although don’t rely on this!)

Have a think about what you would do if your laptop suddenly broke. Could family or friends loan you a computer or iPad? Have you got insurance? Try and limit accidents by using a protective case and keeping it away from drinks etc.

Check your home study space

Don’t assume your home Wi-Fi is safe. Do some simple Wi-Fi checks and review your work space set up.

Protect yourself from suspicious activity

  • Professional scammers target specific groups such as students with bespoke scams, spam and phishing designed to capture your interest. A common example is expressing an interest in your work and asking you to pay shipping costs upfront before they pay you, however many more exist.
  • If you think you’ve received a suspicious email, do NOT open any attachments or click any links – even if you think you recognise the sender. Call the IT Service Desk on +44 (0)20 7514 9898 or raise a ticket in MySupport and they can investigate.
  • Don't use the same or similar password for everything - scammers know this is a frequent habit! Find out how to choose a secure password and more
  • Install antivirus software to protect yourself from viruses such as malware. There’s a range of options to consider.
  • Create a screensaver password. Avoid people accidentally closing an important document or reading something confidential when you leave your computer unattended. Set this up on either Windows or Mac.

Do your system updates

Computers need to rest and recover too. Shut it down completely occasionally so it can do essential security updates. Mac’s are set to update automatically, but you’ll need to check if you’re using a Windows PC.

Clear out your unwanted files

Files can stack up quickly. Create extra space by deleting unused apps and emptying your recycling bin. You can also free-up your computer’s space by storing older work online/in the Cloud.

Get support

Online learning

  • The online resources page has everything you need to help with remote studies
  • Visit the Study Online page for guides on Moodle and Collaborate Ultra
  • If you have any technical issues with these platforms, contact your course team in the first instance

Further IT support

For issues with your UAL email account, password or other systems (not including Moodle or Collaborate Ultra):

  • Call the IT Service Desk:
    +44 (0)20 7514 9898
  • Raise a ticket on MySupport
  • Email:

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