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Art Libraries Journal article ‘Gathering the margins: the LCC Library Zine Collection’

Published date
01 May 2018

A new special ‘zines’ issue of the Art Libraries Journal includes an article co-authored by Ruth Collingwood, Academic Support Librarian at LCC and Leila Kassir, former LCC librarian. The article is entitled ‘Gathering the margins: the London College of Communication Library Zine Collection’ and explores the development of the collection from 2009 to present, the importance of the collection for diversity and inclusion, and the ways in which its use in teaching and learning continues to expand and develop through workshops and session run by the librarians at LCC. The article, along with others about zines in libraries, can be read here: Art Libraries Journal. Volume 43, Special Issue 2 (Zines and Libraries in the UK) April 2018.