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London School of Printing Yearbook, London College of Communication Collection, University of the Arts London Archives and Special Collections Centre

Explore over 45 archives and collections held at the Archives and Special Collections Centre.

Browse an overview of our collections, which have a focus on 20th and 21st century art and design, including material related to:

  • Film and television production
  • Sound arts and music
  • Comics and graphic narratives
  • Graphics, design objects and textiles
  • Photography
  • Student artworks
Alfred Brazier Archive

Alfred Brazier Archive

Material relating to Brazier’s career in bookbinding, both as practitioner and lecturer. Includes documents, photographs and slides related to his teaching, as well as reference material.

View the Alfred Brazier Archive online catalogue.

Ballets Russes textile

Ballets Russes Collection

Ballets Russes (1909-1929) was a Russian avant garde dance company founded by Serge Diaghilev. The collection includes original performance costumes and textiles.

View the Ballets Russes Collection online catalogue.

Sketchbook pages with botanical and weave pattern sketches
Pages from a sketchbook in the Barbara Sawyer Archive, with botanical and weave pattern sketches

Barbara Sawyer Archive

Sawyer (1919-1982) was a textile artist and weaver, and taught at Camberwell College of Arts. Her archive includes textile samples, research and teaching materials. Archive is not yet catalogued, access on request.

Floral patterned design in red, grey and blue

BA Surface Design Collection

Material relating to Surface Design Foundation Degree Award at London College of Communication (now closed). The collection is made up of student work from the closing year. Not yet catalogued, access on request.

Digital graphic in purple, featuring horse

Bess Frimodig Collection

Frimodig is an artist, and London College of Communication lecturer. Contains promotional material and samplers from paper companies used in her teaching. Not fully catalogued, access on request.

See further information on the Bess Frimodig Collection online catalogue.

Photograph negatives

Camerawork Collection

Camerawork, previously Half Moon Gallery, was a photographers-led initiative including an exhibition space and magazine. Collection contains material related to exhibitions and administrative files. Not fully catalogued, access on request.

See further information on the Camerawork Collection online catalogue.

C&A 'Avanti' menswear advertisement, featuring two models in knit jumpers

C&A (Clemens and August) Archive

Material relating to C&A marketing activities, including: advertising cuttings from magazines and photographs of shop displays and fashion. Further material is held at London College of Fashion.

View the C&A Archive online catalogue.

Illustration of king and queen figures

Charles London Pickering Archive

Pickering (1908-1998) was a printer, lecturer and Inspector of Education [HMI]. The archive covers the history of printing, typography and the book trade. It includes early bindings, posters and memorabilia of the Double Crown Club.

View the Charles London Pickering Archive online catalogue.

Pre-Raphaelite style illustration of female figures and Christmas message

Christmas Cards Collection

A collection of Christmas cards originating from a number of different provenances. Includes designs by the notable British artist and designer Edward Bawden, amongst others.

See further information on the Christmas Card Collection online Catalogue.

Cover of script titled 'Murder is Easy'

Clive Exton Archive

Exton (1930-2007) was a screenwriter for ABC Television's Armchair Theatre series, and wrote for multiple television productions. Material includes draft screenplays, press cuttings and press packs.

View the Clive Exton Archive online catalogue.

Black and white photograph, triptych of portraits

Cockpit Arts Archive

Arts organisation with gallery space, the archive has a focus on exhibitions and touring shows. Material includes; posters, prints, invoices, press cuttings and transparencies. Not catalogued, access on request.

See further information on the Cockpit Arts Archive online catalogue.

Black and white photograph, upper body portrait of two people

Colin Jones Collection

Material relating to the English photographer, Colin Jones (1936-2021). Archive includes photographs from Jones' career in photojournalism, including of band The Who and the 1970s series 'The Black House'.

View Colin Jones Collection online catalogue.

Cover of' The Golden Age: Sandman' comic

Comic Book Collection

Includes a wide range of mainstream and some underground comics, graphic novels and book ephemera from the UK and USA, as well as specialist and international publications.

View the Comic Book Collection online catalogue.

Wrist exerciser with springs

David Usborne Collection

Collection contains over 2,000 designed objects and tools collected by Usborne over a period of 30 years. Many of the objects relate to obsolete crafts or technologies, in a variety of materials.

View the David Usborne Collection online catalogue.

Black and white photograph, portrait person speaking at podium

Dick Scott-Stewart Collection

Material relating to the photographic practice of Dick Scott-Stewart (1948-2002), an alumnus of London College of Printing. The collection comprises of prints as well as some negatives. Not yet catalogued, access on request.

Linoleum print of pink flower on blue background
Edward Bawden Collection.

Edward Bawden Collection

Bawden (1903-1989) was a painter and graphic artist. The collection contains examples of his design work for commercial companies such as Fortnum and Mason and Transport for London.

View the Edward Bawden Collection online catalogue.

Cover of 'Radio Academy' newsletter, features illustration of a radio

Fred Hunter Archive

Hunter (1935-2012) was a broadcaster, journalist and media historian. Includes a collection of paper-based records, audiovisual material and editing suite ephemera. Not yet catalogued, access on request.

Cover of 'Angel' zine, featuring collage of photographs of women and female couples

Her Noise Archive

Material includes videos, audio recordings, books, zines, catalogues and administrative records created as part of the Her Noise exhibition at South London Gallery and other associated events in 2005.

View the Her Noise Archive online catalogue.

Fonts in different 'point' sizes

Hubert Foss Archive

The archive contains material relating to Foss' work as a printer. Material covers the printing of music, personal letters and booklets, and menus of the Double Crown Club.

View Hubert Foss Archive online catalogue.

Business card of Jo Ann Kaplan

Jo Ann Kaplan Archive

Material relating to American filmmaker Jo Ann Kaplan. Includes research material, scripts and artwork, as well as personal material including photographs and correspondence. Not yet catalogued, access on request.

Storyboards for 'fight sequence' from 'The Innocent' film

John Schlesinger Archive

Schlesinger (1926-2003) was an English film and stage director. Archive contains storyboards, contact sheets, photographs, posters and press cuttings. British Film Institute holds further material.

View the John Schlesinger Archive online catalogue.

White swirl pattern on gold background

John Tusa Collection

Sir John Tusa was chairman of the University of the Arts London (UAL) from 2007-2013. Includes UAL publications, prospectuses and degree show catalogues.

View John Tusa Collection online catalogue.

Cover of pamphlet 'lyrik almanack', silhouette of human head in red and green

John Westwood Collection

Westwood was a former Head of Design at HM Stationery Office. The collection contains material related to printing techniques and design, includes programmes, invitations, menus and posters.

View John Westwood Collection online catalogue.

Black-and-white polaroid portrait of Joy Cuff working on set of '2001: A Space Odyssey'

Joy Cuff Archive

Cuff worked in special effects for television and film, including; 2001: A Space Odyssey and Hammer Film Productions. The archive contains notebooks, sketchbooks, photographs and props.

View Joy Cuff Archive online catalogue.

Front cover of 'Dirty Plotte' comic by Julie Douchet

Les Coleman Collection

Contains comics from the North American underground and alternative comic book movements. Includes signed and limited edition prints by comic book artists, and art, illustration and humour books.

View the Les Coleman Collection online catalogue.

Photograph of Lindsay Cooper performing

Lindsay Cooper Archive

Archive includes the life and work of jazz and rock musician, composer and LGBTQ+ activist Lindsay Cooper. Includes personal writings, photographs and correspondence.

View the Lindsay Cooper Archive online catalogue.

Repetitive graphic of Christmas images, blue on orange

Lloyd Northover Archive

Lloyd Northover was a graphic design company managed by Jim Northover and John Lloyd. Includes examples of commissioned design work such as posters, leaflets and booklets. Not yet catalogued, access on request.

Black-and-white photograph of student at printing machine

London College of Communication Archive

Material relating to the College's activities and those of its predecessor bodies. Archive includes prospectuses, student work, yearbooks, photographs and reference material for printing techniques.

View the London College of Communication Archive online catalogue.

Poster for 'Guitar Solo' festival

London Musicians' Collective Archive

Archive of London Musicians Collective (LMC), an experimental and improvising musicians’ group (c.1976-2008). Material includes administrative records, photographs and ephemera.

View the London Musicians Collective Archive online catalogue.

Six photographs of office scences

PARC Histories Archive

The Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC), 2003-present, commissions innovative research into photography and culture. Archive contains material relating to PARC's operations. Not yet catalogued, access on request.

See further information on the PARC Histories Archive online catalogue.

Handwritten notes on lined paper, edits in red ink

Phillip Knightley Archive

Knightley was a journalist, reporter and special correspondent for The Sunday Times. The Archive includes correspondence underpinning his books First CasualtyThe Vestey Affair and A Hack's Progress.

View the Phillip Knightley Archive online catalogue.

Illustration of 'Punch' figures

Punch Collection

A collection of original volumes of the satirical magazine Punch, which ran 1841-1992 and 1996-2002. Includes satirical stories and cartoons relating to current events. Not yet catalogued, access on request.

Black-and-white photograph of person working at letterpress machine

Robert Fenton Archive

Fenton was a commercial printer, and also worked at the London College of Printing (now Communication). The archive includes examples of his work, typesetting sheets, composing tools and working notebooks.

View the Robert Fenton Archive online catalogue.

Poster design for 'Rosebud' film, red background and illustration of fist holding a knife in black

Saul Bass Collection

Includes a selection of poster designs by Saul Bass, graphic designer and award-winning filmmaker. See the Stanley Kubrick Archive for more examples of Bass’ work. Collection not yet catalogued, access on request.

Yellow paper with black typewritten text reading 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' repeatedly

Stanley Kubrick Archive

Kubrick (1928-1999) was a renowned film director. Archive includes material from all stages of the film-making process for his completed films, and development material from unfinished projects.

View the Stanley Kubrick Archive online catalogue.

Detail from cover of 'Take it or Leave it' magazine

Teal Triggs Archive

Triggs is a design educator and writer. Her archive includes examples of her own work, such as The Women’s Press banners, as well collected work of other designers. Collection not yet catalogued, access on request.

See further information on the Teal Triggs Archive online catalogue.

Six clear glass bottles with cardboard labels filled with coloured liquid

Tell Us About It Archive

The Tell Us About It project explores the learning experiences of students studying at UAL. Archive contains student artworks in a variety of forms, including writing, sketchbooks and audio-visual works.

View the Tell Us About It Archive online catalogue.

Map of Elephant and Castle area of London

The Elephant Vanishes Collection

This project (2004-2012) photographically documented the Elephant and Castle area of London. Focussing on people, community and buildings. Collection includes photographs and paperwork. Collection not yet catalogued, access on request.

See further information on The Elephant Vanishes Collection online catalogue.

Film poster for 'The Next of Kin'

Thorold Dickinson Archive

Dickinson started his career as a film editor of fiction and non-fiction work. He joined the Slade School of Fine Art in 1960 as Head of Film Studies. The archive relates to these roles.

View the Thorold Dickinson Archive online catalogue.

Poster featuring a police officer in uniform and the text 'London'

Tom Eckersley Collection

Eckersley (1914-1997), poster artist and design teacher, established the first graphic design course at the London College of Printing. Collection includes published posters and original artworks.

View the Tom Eckersley Collection online catalogue.

Annie-Marie Akpene Akussah, 'Women on the Move'. Oil paint, silkscreen print, transfer and Kente cloth on canvas (2018)

UAL Art Collection

The UAL Art Collection (1987-present) consists of over 850 artworks by alumni of the University of the Arts London in a wide variety of media. Contact ASCC to enquire about consulting the collection.

View the UAL Art Collection online catalogue.

An estate plan of the Central School from the 1900s

UAL Institutional Archive

Archive documents the formation and development of the University of the Arts London. Includes administrative material, staff and student work, and a series of oral histories.

View the UAL Institutional Archive online catalogue.