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Graduate Spotlight: MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation student Thushara Sabreen

IMG_3178 copy
IMG_3178 copy
Thushara Archani was one of the MEAD Scholarship winners last year.
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09 February 2018

MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation enables students to build and capitalise on existing strengths both in the UK and internationally. The course is designed to help students launch their own fashion businesses or take on entrepreneurial roles in fields such as buying, corporate sustainable responsibility and international brand building. The course also works closely with IFM in Paris, developing new fashion concepts through to commercialisation. LCF News has been speaking to some of the students graduating this year, Thushara Sabreen is next on LCFMA16 Graduate Spotlight.

For her Masters project, Thushara developed a wearable technology product in collaboration with engineers from UCL and artisan textile suppliers in Sri Lanka. She also won the Fashion Matters which helped her research with the artisans in Sri Lanka to make a unique fabric for a ballet shoe. She worked intensively with engineers to explore different technologies to construct a massaging sole for the shoe, find out her postgraduate experience below.

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MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation student Thushara Sabreen at LCF’s John Prince’s Street campus.

Where and what did you study prior to your MA at LCF?

BA (Hons) Clothing Design & Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

What made you want to study an MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

I think it’s important to gain a better understanding of the business side of fashion. Business strategy is key for survival within the industry!

Why did you choose LCF and MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

The course offered everything that I was looking for – London College of Fashion is also one of the most prestigious fashion universities in the world so I felt very privileged getting accepted.

Did you always want to go into the entrepreneurship and innovation side of fashion, or did you consider being a designer or something else?

I’ve worked in fashion for some time and felt I needed to explore and pursue my interests. The course was a fantastic opportunity to learn and realise my potential.

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Thushara developed a wearable technology product in collaboration with engineers from UCL and artisan textile suppliers in Sri Lanka for her Masters project.

Tell us about your Masters’ year project?

The project was developed during a collaborative opportunity with University College London, which spurred my interest to explore the field of wearable technology by experimenting with the potential of fusing craft with technology. This is where value is created in the form of comfort and convenience for the user. My time spent in Sri Lanka (made possible by the Fashion Matters Award) helped develop the project by identifying the need to sustain heritage and traditional skills but with new innovative ways in development. My final project involved creating a pair of ballet shoes with the integration of technology for comfort combined with beautiful artisan indigenous fabrics. I wanted to create an aesthetically beautiful product which benefits the user!

What other projects have you worked on during your time at LCF?

I’ve been lucky to work on a variety of projects and opportunities to in the industry. For instance, I had the opportunity to work with creative industries such as Bloody Gray, and emerging fashion brand Kempes, to help raise brand awareness for a few causes including tech in fashion through a marketing event. Throughout the year I have been mainly concentrating on developing my final project and have had the opportunity to collaborate with University College London (UCL) and spent time researching artisans in Sri Lanka.

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Thushara also won the Fashion Matters, which helped her research with the artisans in Sri Lanka to make a unique fabric for a ballet shoe.

What did you find the most interesting and challenging parts of the course?

I really enjoyed collaborating with various students all with different skill sets and industries. Experimenting with different students and talents has allowed me to experience new things and develop new ideas.

What advice would you give to anyone considering studying an MA at LCF?

Doing an MA can be tough, sometimes you feel like your being pushed to the ground, but its all part of helping you exceed your best expectations. Just be ready to work really hard!

What are your future plans?

I’d really like to continue developing my MA project into new territory if possible. Presently, I am acting as a consultant for a new company I met through my research. I’ve also been researching into some separate projects involving fashion technology, I found a couple of really interesting ones that I want to reach out to and possibly work for. While doing all of this, I’m also developing a consultancy practice and considering further learning, possibly a PhD.