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Student Profile: Maryam Saleemi, FdA Interior Design

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15 December 2014

2nd Year FdA Interior Design student Maryam Saleemi talks to us about the course and the college.


What course are you studying?

I am in the final year of the Foundation Degree (FdA) Interior Design and am applying for Architecture this year, starting Sep 2015

Describe your Chelsea experience in 3 words?

Scenic, Great Contacts, Amazing resources

What do you enjoy most about studying at Chelsea?

I’ve made life long friends from all over the world

How are you enjoying living in London?

I love it! I’ve lived here my whole life.

Where do you live?

Brockley, South East London

Whats your neighbourhood like?

My local area use to be a little rough, but it has greatly improved. There are so many creative, quirky people and cafes around. I wouldn’t want to move unless it was temporary, it’s my home!

What has been your greatest challenge so far on the course and how have you overcome it?

I think I have found it hard being so independent with my learning as I have always had a very close bond with all my Art teachers, ever since primary school. Yet I have learnt that this is how we get trained to go and work in industry, out in the big world.  I have also found it extremely hard to portray my ideas graphically. However I had a 1-2-1 session with an illustrator pro (teacher), who was AMAZING! When I came out I couldn’t stop thinking about Illustrator and how much I wanted to go and play with all the tools she showed me. This has given me a lot more confidence.

What has been your greatest achievement on the course.

My work was shown in a public exhibition and put into a catalogue. I am currently working on a live project which is based in Brentford, West London. We have been given a site between the Golden Mile and Brentford High Street. Working on the regeneration of the area and specifically the high street, this project is aimed at bringing the community of Brentford together and re-activating the dying high street.

I am concentrating on the concept of ‘leisure’ and combining this with the Water and Steam Museum; which is very popular among the locals. I am thinking of using processes such as Filtration and Biofuel. BUT to see the finished product you are going to have to come to my end of year show in June!

What do you see yourself doing after your studies?

I would like to be an Architect/Designer and open up my own children’s home or going to do some charity work abroad in less economically developed countries. I would also like to do some traveling.

And lastly, what would you say to anyone thinking of doing your course?

My course is for those who:

  1. Are interested in practical work as opposed to more conceptual work
  2. Want to go straight into industry, and use this course to build a great portfolio.
  3. OR would like to get a foundation degree and then transfer to the Interior and Spatial Design and get a BA as well. Meaning you will get 2 qualifications in 3 years, which is great! This course puts you in a good position with skills whether you choose to go onto the BA or into industry.

You get very educated teachers and you learn a lot if you are willing to put hard work in, and are determined to reach your goals.  GOOD LUCK!


You can see more of Maryam’s work on her blog:

You can find out more about the FdA Interior Design course on our website.