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Alumni Profile: Anna Huang, BA Textile Design 2014

Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016
Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016
Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016
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07 November 2015

Today we caught up with BA Textile Design alumna Anna Huang who graduated in 2014 to find out what she has been up to since graduating including establishing her own fashion collection.

Describe you experience at Chelsea in 3 words.

Enjoyable, Finding direction, Communication

What did you enjoy most about studying at Chelsea?

During my three years in Chelsea I felt that I could do anything I wanted. There was no limitations on my imagination. I love the campus of Chelsea and it has amazing facilities.

I specialized in print plus, so I really enjoyed trying as many techniques as I could, including using the laser cutting machine, playing in the wood and metal workshops and experimenting in the print and dye room.


Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016

What did you enjoy most about living and studying in London?

I really love London! I have lots of beautiful memories about this city. London has so many museums, I really enjoyed visiting museums and galleries, they always gave me wonderful inspiration.

Studying in London was the most precious experience ever, I met interesting classmates who were from different countries, so that I learned about different cultures. The main thing that living in London taught me was the importance of communication.

What was your greatest challenge on the course and how did you overcome it?

Sometimes when we started a new project, I got lots of ideas, but I was confused which one I should continue or how I could develop it further.  I feel the greatest challenge is not about the technical skills, but your entire thought process The tutors gave me lot of advice, and helped me to find the right direction.

Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016

Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016

What do you do now and what in particular are you working on at the moment?

 After my graduation, I decided to launch my own business. In April 2015, I launched my own brand ANNA PUFF. I have completed my first fashion collection ANNA PUFF 2016 S/S. Right now I am setting up my social media and promotion sites.

What have been your greatest achievements since graduating from Chelsea?

 I sold two pieces from my final collection to an artwork collector for £3000 during my final show at Chelsea. My final collection works were exhibited in the China Design Centre in London in August 2014 and were also selected to be shown in the CCW Alumni Show ‘Assembly’ in 2014.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying at Chelsea? Any advice?

Open your eyes wide, you can see much much more than you think! Communication with your tutors and classmates is also really important.

Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016

Anna Puff S/S Collection 2016

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