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Research staff

At Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon we have staff supervising research degrees across fine art, design, curating and performance. The list of research staff and their subject areas will enable you to take the first step in finding the right supervisor.

Art and science

Sigune Hamann

  • Photography, art and media practice, image
  • Perception and cognition - stillness and movement, embodied perception, attention and temporality, modes of address

Tim O'Riley

  • Fine art, optical imaging, computer technology

Zoe Mendelson

  • Expanded field painting, temporality, inter-disciplinarity
  • Painting as a research tool
  • Collection, waste, clutter, disorder (spatial and psychological)
  • Alternative forms of writing - fiction as theoretical

Curation, collections and archives

Michael Asbury

  • Art history and theory
  • Modernism and contemporary art in Brazil

Paul Coldwell

  • Collections and archives
  • Printmaking - new and old technologies
  • Fine art

David Dibosa

  • Museum studies and curating

Mark Fairnington

  • Fine art painting

Paul Goodwin

  • Theory and practice of the curatorial, especially in relation to the global and transnational
  • African and diaspora contemporary art and visual cultures

Eileen Hogan

  • Fine art, painting, portraits, book arts
  • Archives
  • Jocelyn Herbert

Jo Melvin

  • Archives, embodiment, oral histories
  • Conceptual art practices

Dan Smith

  • Science fiction, utopianism, speculative futures
  • Museums, collections, display and engagement

Dan Sturgis

  • Fine art painting and curation
  • The histories of abstraction, modernism and the baroque

Maiko Tsutsumi

  • Visual art

Athanasios Velios

  • Semantic technologies for arts and archives
  • Documentation of art practice

Communication Design

Sadhna Jain

  • The practice of agency within communication design
  • Taxonomies and ideas of classifications in design

Ecology, society and design

David Cross

  • Fine art, context specific sculptural installation and photography

Neil Cummings

  • Producing art, critical practice, generosity

Rebecca Earley

  • Eco-design, fashion, textiles, new textile technologies
  • Contemporary craft practice

Kate Goldsworthy

  • Sustainable fashion and textile design
  • Material innovation and textile finishing
  • Lifecycle and closed-loop design
  • New production technology
  • The circular economy

Lucy Kimbell

  • Design thinking
  • Social design
  • Design innovation, futures
  • Design/arts and policy innovation

Edwina Fitzpatrick

  • Sited artwork and mutable sculpture
  • Living environment
  • Mutability and change

Identity, subjectivity and feminism

Kimanthi Donkor

  • Fine art practice, painting, drawing
  • Race, blackness and national identity
  • Fine art museums and collections

Ope Lori

  • Race and gender identity
  • Visual culture and representation
  • Lens-based media and performance, spectatorship
  • Subjectivity and feminism

Mo Throp

  • Sexuality, gender and intersectionality
  • Performativity
  • Trauma

Carol Tulloch

  • Dress and textiles associated with the African diaspora
  • Material and visual culture
  • Writing and curating

Maria Walsh

  • Artists' moving image practices, especially in relation to subjectivity, 'the body', performativity, and marginality
  • Psychoanalytic discourse as a model for auto-fiction, especially in moving image practices


Rebecca Earley

Kate Goldsworthy

Jeffrey Dennis

  • Fine art, painting, drawing
  • Meaning and process in contemporary painting

Jo Love

  • Fine art, printmaking, drawing, photography
  • Visual perception
  • Materiality and surface

Maiko Tsutsumi

Athanasios Velios

Philosophy, society and politics

Dave Beech

  • Art, capitalism and Marxism
  • Value theory, labour and automation
  • Public sphere and participation
  • Institutional critique and the history of art’s institutions

Sonia Boyce

  • Art as social practice
  • Fine art practice and drawing

Marsha Bradfield

  • Authorship, subjectivities, genre studies, metanarratives
  • Art research
  • Collaborative cultural production
  • The 'work of art' in relation to 'the art of work'

Andrew Chesher

  • History and criticism of post-war, neo-avantgarde and contemporary art in Europe and North America
  • Phenomenology, deconstruction, social theories of meaning
  • Photography, film and documentary

Jeffrey Dennis

Malcolm Quinn

  • Taste, aesthetics and design
  • Utilitarianism and aesthetics

Paula Smithard

  • Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalysis, art and society
  • Modern and contemporary art history and theory

Stephen Wilson

  • Contemporary art
  • Design labour
  • Future studies
  • Gender studies
  • Biopolitics
  • Transnationalism

Psychology and pedagogy

Will Cobbing

  • Sculpture theory and practice, clay, ceramics
  • Art and psychoanalysis
  • Archiving
  • Performance art
  • Concrete poetry

Sigune Hamann

Katrine Hjelde

  • Fine art theory and practice
  • Fine art pedagogy
  • Site specific practice and art research

Jo Love

Space and aesthetics

Bernice Donszelmann

  • Fine art theory and practice
  • Architectural space and wall installation

Edwina Fitzpatrick

Ken Wilder

  • Beholding, aesthetics, and situated art
  • Architectural and spatial design practices and aesthetics

Theatre, scenography and costume

Esther Armstrong

  • Scenography
  • The presentation of national identity through design

Jane Collins

  • Performance
  • Identity
  • Theatre design
  • Scenography

Elisabeth Dawson

  • Costume interpretation
  • Dress history

Writing, narratives and moving image

Sarah Dobai

  • Contemporary photography and moving image practices
  • Representation and the use of text and narrative in contemporary fine art practice and relation to historical works of literature, cinema and photography

Zoe Mendelson

  • Alternative forms of writing - fiction as theoretical

Jennet Thomas

  • Moving image and performance as contemporary art practice
  • The performance of text, particularly in relation to issues around artificial intelligence, ecology and absurdity

Maria Walsh

  • Artists' moving image practices, especially in relation to subjectivity, 'the body', performativity and marginality
  • Psychoanalytic discourse as a model for auto-fiction, especially in moving image practices