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3D Design Development

3D Design Development

London College of Communication
Taught by
Stephen Hall, A respected industry expert


3D design is a broad and exciting discipline encompassing interiors, theatre design, exhibition design, model making, and furniture for which inspiration can be found everywhere.

This two-day course will combine practical and theoretical elements to give you a fuller understanding of the important process of design development. You will learn how to seek out inspiration to suit any given design brief and use it to begin investigating 3D forms and spaces. You will look at other artists’ and designers’ work and learn how to apply research to your practice.

You will present your work to your colleagues and tutor, teaching you to effectively communicate your design thinking.

Topics Covered

  • How and where to find inspiration
  • Methods of experimentation
  • Applying research to practice
  • Sketching
  • Physical 3D modelling
  • Presentation and communication

Course Outcomes
By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Use a breadth of research and design experimentation to influence your design process and inform your final output
  • Clearly and confidently communicate the process and rationale behind your designs
  • Grasp the importance of process behind good design

Who Should Attend
Those interested in spatial and interior design, architecture, furniture and product design.


Follow Up Courses
After you have completed this course you may want to take Sketchup 3D Modelling Design.

Customised Training
We also offer bespoke 3D design courses for groups, individuals and businesses. To find out more, visit our Customised Training page.

Online short courses

Did you know we offer a similar course online? UAL online short courses are designed to help creative people master new challenges, develop their skills, get inspired by new ideas and access the UAL learning experience without having to travel to a campus for class.

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Tutor Description

With over 25 years embedded in the disciplines of design, art and education, Stephen Hall has delivered on several UAL undergraduate courses and the Foundation Diploma at LCC since 2007. Originally studying Fine Art, before embarking on a career in Illustration, Stephen complemented his practice with educational work teaching English and Art in various capacities. After studying Graphic Design in London he founded Magpie Designs which specialises in providing illustrative graphic design solutions across a wide array of formate including print, web, animation and multi-media.

This course will be taught by a respected industry expert.

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