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Non-UAL business activity

The University understands that students may wish to conduct their own business activity in their chosen field while studying at UAL. This must be conducted within the law of the United Kingdom for as long as the student is a resident and/or the business activity is undertaken in the United Kingdom.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • their business has an appropriate legal structure for its activity and is registered as required
  • their business or student as a sole trader are registered with HMRC for tax purposes and that all taxes and other charges related to the business are paid in full
  • the business activity is compliant with all applicable consumer protection, employment, health & safety, data protection and other related laws of the United Kingdom
  • marketing activity is compliant with the Privacy and Electronic Marketing Regulation (PECR)
  • the business or student as a sole trader owns all necessary intellectual property rights in relation to the product or service offered or has secured the necessary permission/licence from the owner
  • the business activity is appropriately insured
  • if they are an international student, visa conditions permit the business activity.

UAL takes no responsibility for the failure of a student to meet their legal obligations in relation to their private business activity, and the student would have to face the full legal consequences as an individual. In addition, students should be aware that failure to meet these legal obligations while a student at UAL would breach paragraph 3(ii) of the Student Code which obliges students to “act within the law and not engage in activity or behaviour that is likely to bring the University into disrepute”.

UAL must notify the Home Office if it becomes aware of a breach of conditions of student visa.

UAL branding, IT systems, email addresses, physical assets or information assets must not be used in association with private business activity unless expressly permitted by a contractual agreement between the University and the business or sole trader.