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The Student Contract

You and University of the Arts London of 272 High Holborn, London WC1V 2EY ('the University') are entering into a contractual relationship, usually referred to as the 'Student Contract'.

This is a personal agreement made between you and the University. As part of this agreement simply put, the University agrees to undertake to teach you and you agree to attend and learn in accordance with the University’s student regulations, its course regulations, your tutors’ guidance and instructions and your course handbook.

The University is a Higher Education Corporation, a provider of further and higher education with degree awarding powers at the College you are studying and will examine your work throughout your period at the University after which it will assess your achievements and award an academic qualification it deems appropriate in its academic judgement.

In consideration of the University receiving payment of its stipulated fees and you observing its rules and regulations, then each makes the following commitments to the other:

The University's commitments

The University will:

  • provide tuition and supervision in respect of your programme of study
  • examine you in respect of that programme of study
  • award a degree or other qualification in accordance with its academic judgement in the evaluation of your performance on such programme of study
  • observe its Instrument and Articles of Government
  • follow these regulations and associated procedures published in relation to all matters relating to you
  • act fairly and reasonably in dealing with you in all matters.

Students' commitments

You will:

  • strive to achieve and sustain such standards of academic performance as shall be stipulated from time to time by the University in its absolute discretion in respect of the programme being followed
  • comply with all of the University’s policies, rules and regulations
  • submit to the sole jurisdiction of the University in all academic matters (Academic judgement is not able to be scrutinised by you or any other person or body)
  • be subject to the authority of the University in relation to all matters of conduct and discipline
  • attend the University when and as reasonably required by the University
  • use your best endeavours to produce such work as required by the University
  • apply yourself wholeheartedly to the programme of study
  • respect and observe the rights and feelings of fellow students, University staff and visitors.

Student and University agreements

It is also agreed by both the University and you that:

  • the University shall be entitled to make such changes in the programme of study, facilities and to courses being offered at its sole discretion, which discretion shall be exercised fairly and reasonably and of which you shall be entitled to receive fair and reasonable notice.
  • the academic judgement of the University shall be final and binding
  • all electronic communication will be conducted through your University email account
  • all disputes between the University and the Student will be settled in accordance with the University’s Complaints and Disciplinary procedures (a copy of which are contained in the Student Regulations)
  • if no satisfactory resolution is reached, and once the University’s procedures have been exhausted, then if you remain concerned you may apply to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education ( who will review any complaint you may have.