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Break Factor Exhibition at Fashion Space Gallery by BA Fashion Textiles Students

Break factor logo in pink and red in background with a piece of textile art in front
Break factor logo in pink and red in background with a piece of textile art in front
Break Factor Exhibition at Fashion Space Gallery
Written by
Fanny Allart
Published date
03 July 2019

Isabella Dunne, Advaitha Ravishankar, Rebekah SmithYing Zhang worked with designer Sarah McNabb, fashion designer Louise Gray, sound designer Shervin Shaeri (Mutant Jukebox) and dance artist Alethia Antonia to create the Break Factor Exhibition, curated by Polona Dolžan. BA Fashion Textiles students collaborated to set up an immersive installation aiming to explore textiles in performance. The cross-discipline collaboration allowed innovative textile techniques and processes, creating a setting for a series of performances.

Advaitha Ravishankar described the experience:

"This collaboration is one of a kind and very special to me! It helped me think about textiles not just in the context of fashion but also from a wider point of view: as something people can communicate with and produce themselves."

Photography by: Michelle Marshall

We asked Isabella what her role was in the exhibition and what she learned from it:

"My main role in this project was curating sound pieces to inform the animation piece, as well as being on loop in the exhibition space. One of the main themes of this project was illustrating the textile process therefore, making recordings of machinery used in the process was vital. I combined this sound with conventional instruments such as drums. As I have been studying in a studio for 3 years, I became immune to those sounds. I enjoyed this creative process."

Photography by: Michelle Marshall

"The main aspect I have taken away from this experience that has also informed my work is realising the scope for textiles. It opened up the possibilities of where and how I can use my design work."

"It lead me to be more creative and think of print design in 3D form, considering the tactility and longevity of a textile piece in an exhibition setting. Additionally, as I have never created sound pieces before, I was out of my comfort zone most of the time. I had to learn how to string sounds together."

Photography by: Michelle Marshall