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Bukki Ojo

Founder of Bukki
London College of Fashion
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Bukki  Ojo


Bukki Ojo is an MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation alumni and founder of Bukki, a premium contemporary brand that challenges the customs of today’s streetwear - catering for both men and women (with an overall unisex spirit).


What made you want to study at LCF?

I studied MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation - doing this course was one the best decisions of my life. It completely changed my mind-set, I moved from just being a creative designer to a business strategist. The course showed me the realities of running a successful/profitable business. Most creatives get carried away with the pretty pictures, Instagram likes, and forget how to make money. I recommend it to every start up, or even any business owner that has been running for a while but needs a push.

Why did you choose to study at LCF?

Going to LCF has always been a dream, since I was 17. They have so many connections, networking platforms, and such a huge reputation, you just can’t ignore it. I’m always so proud to say I went to "London College of Fashion". The other reason why I'm so happy I went to LCF (this is something I did not know prior to applying) is because of the support system you get. I am still in close contact with lecturers - they supported me when I was doing my theory in school, now they are behind me whilst I'm doing my practical (facing the real world). Best uni ever.

What made you want to start your own business?

Initially, the main purpose for starting my own business was to fill a gap in the market, which was to bring culture to contemporary street fashion. My drive was to make "fusions" of different aspects (such as cultural prints, science, style, colours, shapes) - and make this wearable and affordable for the mid-market.

How has The Student Enterprise Team supported your business development?

The Student Enterprise team have been an amazing support system, in-terms of mentoring me whilst I re-launch my brand. They have given me the opportunity to pitch my business in-front of industry experts, where I had the chance to get feedback on how to improve my business model to suit the B2B and B2C industry. One-to-one private meetings with mentors who helped me organise my supply chain system, targeted marketing strategies, understanding the procedure to approaching a buyer and many more!

What is the main critical success factor you would say every new business needs to know?

The critical factor every new start-up needs to know, is that the fashion business is 30% fashion and 70% business. As new start-ups, especially as "creatives" we get carried away with the "fun part", the "creative part". That’s definitely important, but that’s not how I believe a fashion brand can survive. Setting the correct business foundation, acquiring business knowledge and wisdom with an accurate plan on how break-even is the key to success.