Language Centre

The Language Centre offers English and English Plus courses to students from all over the world. We also support the international full-time students at the University and offer evening classes in foreign languages with art and culture.

  • English Language Courses
    Clementine Hope

    Learn English

    General or Academic English, English Plus art, design, communication or fashion courses at the Language Centre in central London.

  • Languages, Arts and Culture Courses
    Nikolai Garcia

    Learn a foreign language

    Book now for 2017! Languages, Arts and Culture - weekly evening courses in French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish. Learn about the art and culture of a country while learning the language.

  • Online Language Courses
    University of the Arts London

    Online language courses

    Learn creative English through flexible online courses and tutorials.

  • CELTA teacher training
    Rohit Sharma

    CELTA Teacher training

    Gain an internationally recognised qualification to teach English anywhere in the world.

Language preparation and support for full-time study at UAL