Video: Short Courses at Chelsea College of Arts

People who choose Chelsea College of Arts for Short Courses make a rewarding choice. We offer over 300 professionally taught and flexibly delivered courses via evening, weekend and daytime schedules. So whilst your time spent learning may be brief, the benefits could last you a lifetime. Step into the following pages and browse for the Short Course of your choice.

Top Features This Month:

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    Photographer: Lucy Campbell

    Portfolio Preparation Short Courses

    Suitable for both adults and students under 18 years of age.

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    Designer: Elaine Perks

    Dual City Summer Courses

    Working with partner institutions in Spain and Italy to deliver courses in Interiors, Lighting and Theatre Design

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    Bite Sized Courses

    3 hour taster courses: Interior Design, Interior Decoration, Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography, Painting and Art History.