3D Workshops

Chelsea’s 3D workshops are modern and fully equipped to industry standards and staffed by a team of specialist technicians.

Students are provided with full inductions and an ongoing skills development program tailored to their individual needs. 

The technical staff in each area are highly experienced and often subject specific. Their role is to deliver the very best technical support. They are a very dedicated and motivated group of individuals, and your student experience is their passion. Find out more below and view the 3D workshops and equipment available for use.

  • Casting - Students can cast in a number of materials including aluminium, bronze, clay, plaster, porcelain, slip and wax
  • Ceramics - The ceramics workshop gives students the opportunity to work with clay, earthenware and porcelain in small or large scale work
  • Foundry - The foundry allows students to pour molten aluminium or bronze into moulds
  • Laser Cutting - The laser cutting workshop can be used to work with metal, plastics, wood, fabrics and other materials 
  • Metalwork - In the metal workshops students can work with steel using techniques such as welding, bending, braising, cutting, rolling and lathe work
  • Woodwork - Students can use the fully equipped wood workshop for all kinds of projects from small scale model making to large scale structures

View the image gallery to see the facilities available to students at Chelsea.