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Models by Jaz Martell, a series of dioramas.

Art Direction Short Course

Course description

Learn the skills and processes essential for a career as an Art Director. From launching creative visual concepts to executing dynamic campaigns, this course offers a wide skill set.Begin by mastering the principles of art direction and visual communication. Design visual campaigns using practical exercises to construct your own concept boards. You'll explore interesting case studies, craft concepts for photo shoots and video content.Our tutor will offer valuable insight into how art direction evolves across creative industries.Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you'll achieve the following:

  • Develop an understanding of Art Direction, which will equip you to meet client briefs.
  • Strengthen your ability to convey ideas visually, in a distinctive and professional manner.
  • Master the skill of selecting and handling visual content.
  • Your confidence in effectively briefing artists and content creators will have grown substantially.
Who should attend this sessionThis course targets a broad spectrum of individuals seeking to explore the difficulties of Art Direction. Already engaged in graphics; marketing, advertising, PR, brand management, design, photography, or fashion? This program is instrumental in growing your existing skill set and knowledge base.

Clear, easy to understand lessons:

  • Our tutors will explain things in easy to understand, accessible English. If they need to use any special terminology they will make sure they explain what they mean.
  • New methodologies will be explained or demonstrated
  • We also offer learning resources for you to access outside of the classroom

All our on campus courses include:

  • Network and share ideas with students from across the globe
  • Access the technology and materials relevant to your discipline
  • Shop in our college shops for any materials you might need
  • Ask questions to your tutor in real time
  • Receive feedback and critique on your assignments
  • Experience the many sights of London on your down time

All our online short courses include: 

  • Live and interactive online lessons with classmates from around the world
  • The same course content and learning outcomes as our face to face courses 
  • Lesson recordings, for review, so you never have to miss a class 
  • Access to the virtual learning environment with course content 
  • Forums for support 
  • 2 weeks online access to the recordings of the live classroom sessions 
  • Ask questions to your tutor in real time

A certificate of completion: 

  • You've put the work in so we want to make sure you have something to show for it! 
  • As long as you attend a minimum of 80% of your classes, we will provide you with a certificate of attendance.  
  • However we always recommend you attend all of the classes so that you get the most out of the experience!  
  • Certificates are a great addition to your CV. 

Available dates

It can take a few moments for our course dates to load - if there are no available dates, please contact our customer service team who will help you find a course or email you when new dates become available.
Make an enquiry or call us on 0207 514 7015.


Topics covered

  • Defining art direction
  • Navigating art direction: principles and practical exercises
  • Crafting concepts, mood boards and storyboards
  • The role of art direction in editorial and advertising
  • Synergy of text and images
  • Precision in image selection
  • Mastering photoshoots and video production
  • Exploring the future of art direction


On campus short course material:

  • Notebook and Pen
  • Your favourite magazine
  • Laptop, iPad or tablet

Online short course materials:

To take part in the Online sessions you will need:

  • An up-to-date web browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • Microphone and headphones (a headset with a microphone function is recommended. The built-in microphone in your device would also be fine).
  • Webcam
  • Strong Internet connection - we recommend a minimum of 2 Mbps download, and 1 Mbps upload, faster if possible. You can test your network speed here -

Suggested Reading List (optional)

  • The Dream Caf: Lesson in the Art of Radical Innovation by Geoff Crook and Duncan Bruce
  • Imagine. How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer
  • Its not how Good you are, its how Good you Want to be by Paul Arden
  • Out of Your Minds Learning to be Creative by Ken Robinson
  • Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision by David Duchemi
  • Ideas Selling by Sam Harrison
  • The A - Z of Visual Ideas: How to Solve any Creative Brief - by JohnIngledew
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Learn about the skills and processes required to work as a Professional Art Director. From initial generation of ideas through to the successful delivery of an advertising campaign.

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