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Presessional English for Unconditional Offers

Presessional English for Unconditional Offers

English language preparation for students with an unconditional offer for an undergraduate or postgraduate course at UAL.

Why take Unconditional Presessional?

Please note that Unconditional Presessional applications are now closed. For enquiries about Presessional English, please email

If you are a student with an unconditional offer, you can attend a special short Unconditional Presessional course starting in late July. Although you have already reached your English language requirement, Unconditional Presessional will help you prepare for your studies at UAL and help you make an easier transition to your main course.

Students on Unconditional Presessional take part in a London-themed project, produce final written assignments and receive feedback, but are not formally assessed at the end of the course.

Presessional is also an excellent opportunity to network with other students before you join your main course. Students are from a wide variety of disciplines and hold offers from all 6 of UAL's Colleges, so learning and collaborating with others is a great opportunity to build social and creative relationships.

Most students who need a visa to study with us are able to receive a combined Tier 4 visa covering study on Unconditional Presessional and their main course at UAL. There are some exceptions to this - please see the booking form for further details.

Who can take this course?

Students with an unconditional offer for an undergraduate or postgraduate course at UAL.

If you have a conditional offer, please see the Presessional main page to view your options.

You must take an IELTS for UKVI test if you want to study Presessional under a Tier 4 visa. Other internationally recognised certificates may be accepted if you will not be studying Presessional under a Tier 4 visa. If you have a certificate other than IELTS, please contact the Presessional office well in advance to check whether this can be accepted as proof of English level (email:

What is the difference between UAL Presessional and general English exam preparation courses?

Presessional is a focused English language programme specifically for students studying at UAL. Please read the attached document below for a detailed comparison:

Course content

The syllabus focuses on the language and skills that you will need in Higher Education, including specific skills for courses at University of the Arts London.

You will use a range of materials on the course including core materials compiled by tutors who teach English language support on UAL’s main courses. The materials include a variety of texts from real academic sources, images from fashion, art and design, articles from academic journals and newspapers, academic essays, film, and online materials. Most of the materials we use are specifically for art, design, fashion and communication students.


You will be assessed in academic writing, presentation and discussion, listening and reading. These assessments help you to develop the skills and knowledge you will need for your main course and so will help you to prepare effectively for your studies at the university.

You will have one-to-one tutorials with your tutor to discuss your progress and receive advice on your studies. There will also be workshops to help you adapt to living in the UK and studying at UAL.

Self-study and independent learning

We want to help you to become a confident and independent student so we will regularly give you homework and self-study tasks.

You will be able to use all of the university facilities including the libraries and IT facilities and university staff will be on hand to show you how to use them.


In the first few days of the course you will be given induction presentations from a variety of university services. You will be given information on health, housing, banking and Tier 4 visa applications.

As each student has individual needs it is your responsibility to research these areas thoroughly. We suggest that you investigate UK banking options before arriving. Each bank has different requirements and it is your responsibility to research these before requesting a reference letter from the Presessional Office.

Location and class size

This course is taught at Camberwell College of Arts with a maximum class size of 18 students.

Teaching hours

Presessional lessons take place Monday to Friday for 4 hours per day, in either the morning or afternoon as per the timetable for your course (a total of 20 hours per week). You will be expected to do approximately 8-10 hours of self-study per week. This is likely to increase when you are preparing for your assessment. Please note, the university will not be open on Monday 28 August 2018, which is a national bank holiday.

Staff information

Presessional is taught by experienced English language tutors. They all have a diploma or equivalent level ELT/TESOL qualification and some also have an MA in Linguistics or Visual Arts.


Presessional is accredited by the British Council and BALEAP.

Extra course costs and materials

You may be required to buy some art materials for the London Project at the end of the course. Students typically spend around £30-£50 on materials for this project, but the cost may vary depending on your choice of medium.

During the course you will attend various class trips which will require you taking public transport at your own cost. Fare prices are available on the Transport for London website.

We ask that all students bring a tablet or laptop computer for research and assignment work.

Entry Requirements, Fees and Dates

Entry Requirements

  • You can only join Unconditional Presessional if you have an unconditional offer for a UAL main course starting in academic year 2018/19. We offer separate Presessional courses for students who need to improve their English level in order to meet the language requirement of their main course at UAL. Please see the Presessional main page for further details.
  • You can only join Unconditional Presessional if you are a new student at UAL - students who are currently enrolled on a main course at UAL in academic year 2017/18 cannot join Unconditional Presessional.

Course fees

The fee for this course is £1,920.

Insurance, provided by the company Endsleigh, is included in your tuition fees. The policy starts from the moment we receive your booking and covers medical emergencies, theft and many other things.


Course dates: 25 July – 29 August 2018.

Please note the University will be closed on Monday 27 August 2018, which is a national bank holiday.

Your class may be in the morning, afternoon or evening. It is therefore important that you do not make other commitments, including accepting work, until you receive your timetable.

You are required to attend at least 90% of the course otherwise you may be asked to leave. Do not arrange holidays during the course. If you are absent due to sickness for more than 3 consecutive days you will be asked to provide a certificate from an NHS doctor.

Application deadline: 6 July 2018

Enrolment deadline: 30 July 2018

Students will not be allowed to join the course after the enrolment deadline.

How to apply

Bookings for Presessional will open from mid-February 2019. Please check our Presessional webpages from mid-January 2019 for updates and for our new booking Terms and Conditions.

Places on our Presessional courses are limited, so we advise you to apply as early as possible in order to secure a place on the course you wish to join. This is a very popular course and there is no guarantee that places will still be available by the application deadline.

  • If you are unable to take up your place on the Presessional programme, the course fee will be refunded to you, minus the booking fee. The booking fee is non-refundable, except where the University considers there are significant extenuating circumstances. Please see the booking terms and conditions for further information.

Any questions? Please email us at

Additional information


Accommodation is available in our halls of residence for Presessional students. If it is your first time studying in the UK, we strongly recommend staying in our halls to get yourself familiar with London. Take a look at our page on accommodation options for Presessional.

Tier 4 visas

Students who wish to study under a Tier 4 visa, please note – if you are eligible to study under Tier 4, it may be possible for you to receive a combined CAS which covers study on Presessional and your main university course at UAL. However, this depends on whether you meet all of the following conditions:

  • Your Presessional course is less than 3 months in length
  • Your only offer condition is to meet the required English level for your main course
  • You have a minimum of 1 skill score at the equivalent of IELTS 5.0 or below
  • Your main academic course is at BA level or above (NQF 6 or above)
  • The gap between the end of Presessional and the start of your main academic course at UAL is no more than 1 month in length
  • Your main course is not subject to validation.

If you are eligible to study under Tier 4 but you do not meet all of the conditions above, you will be issued with a CAS to cover study on Presessional only. After Presessional you will need to make a new visa application for your main academic course at UAL.