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IT software and discounts

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IT Software

Office 365 on your own device

Download Office 2016 products onto your personal devices for free. Please note, your access will expire 150 days after your course finishes.


Login to the Office 365 portal and click 'Install Office 2016' on the top right of the screen.

Mobile device

To get Office apps on your mobile device, download Office Mobile.

Adobe Creative Cloud

You can access the full Adobe Creative Cloud app suite from any UAL desktop in libraries and learning areas. Simply open the software and log in using your UAL credentials. This is known as an Enterprise ID, which is an account provided by learning providers.

Assistive software

Assistive software on UAL Macs and Windows PCs can help you with your study. These applications assist with:

  • Reading and writing
  • Planning and organisation
  • Referencing
  • Converting documents

Explore more guidance on Assistive Technology.


SensusAccess converts documents into more accessible formats. Documents or image files can be converted into an audiobook, Word document or e-book. You can even take a photo on your phone of a poster or page of text and get it converted.

Software Self-Service

As a UAL student, you can download a wide range of software onto UAL desktops for free via Software Self-Service:

Please note, it's not possible to download software from the internet onto UAL desktops.


  • Apple Store for Education provides discounts on loads of Apple products. You can also get a 3 year limited parts and labour warranty as standard on all current desktop and laptop computers.
  • Pugh provides a wide range of discounted software for students.
  • The Viglen Student Portal offers software at affordable prices.
  • StudentStore provides high specification laptops, accessories, printers and more at reduced prices.
  • Autodesk gives free access to professional design software, creativity apps and real-world projects. Please be sure to check terms and conditions before you download software.