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What to wear when you work for God

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Plain Grey box
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Published date
16 March 2018

First published: 27 November 2014

In the context of breaking news that the Anglican Church has decided to allow women to become bishops, Professor Reina Lewis explores how a pioneering generation of women across the faiths have been developing vocational and professional dress for religiously related roles.

Reina is joined by the Reverend Sally Hitchiner, Anglican priest, broadcaster, and head of the largest multi faith university chaplaincy in Europe; by Sister Christine Frost who, as a member of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus, does not wear a habit in her teaching and community work in London’s East End; and by Amra Bone from Birmingham, Muslim chaplain, teacher, consultant on Islam and education, inter-faith community organiser, and currently the only woman in Europe to sit on a sharia council.