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Fashion design

Find out about the latest research and projects, conducted by UAL researchers, involving fashion design.

Centre for Sustainable Fashion is a UAL research centre associated with fashion design.

You can browse UAL Research Online, the University’s Institutional Repository, for an online showcase of all research produced at University of the Arts London.


Archaeology of Fashion Film

Led by fashion historian and theorist Caroline Evans, media scholar Jussi Parikka and art historian Marketa Uhlirova as Co-investigators.

AfriDesignX: Design Futures in Sub-Saharan Africa

A network of pioneering technologists, curators and scholars from Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa and UK funded by The Leverhulme Trust.


Achieving and Retrieving Creativity through European fashion Cultural Heritage Inspiration. Funded by Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships.

Catalytic Clothing

A public experiment between Fashion and Science - an endeavour to purify the air we breathe, part funded by the EPSRC.


Assessing how software aimed at capturing consumer body measurements and providing accurate size recommendations can benefit the retail indu

Education4Fashion-Tech: Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Fashion in the Digital Era

London College of Fashion Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for higher education within the new field of Fashiontech.

Exploding Fashion: Cutting, Constructing and Thinking Through Things

This project foregrounds the role of the pattern cutter, an essential maker and technician in the fashion design process.

Faith & Fashion

Can faithful shoppers be shoppers of faith? How does religion relate to fashion? Can spirituality have style?

Research in the Wild

An online tool that allows an untrained user to realise their body size and shape from their own home, using a standard digital webcam.


Knowledge exchange between energy and fashion retailers regarding the promotion of sustainable consumption.

Considerate Design for Personalised Fashion

A concept and a toolkit developed to support fashion designers to embed sustainability into their decision making process.

Energy Project

An experiment with three London schools, to redesign the school timetable to align with the natural flow of human energy in a day.

Eye & I

The 'Eye and I' installation investigated the influence on audiences of intense emotions, conveyed only through eye contact.

Fashion Colloquia

A core network of 4 institutions, connected by their residence and involvement in the four big 'Fashion weeks' across the globe.

Fashioning Efficient Metadata

This project used the University’s expertise to increase efficiency in supply chain through metadata production and computer tools.

FashionSEEDS image with 3 cards in hand saying 'design'
FashionSEEDS image with 3 cards in hand saying 'design'


The FashionSEEDS (Fashion Societal, Economic & Environmental Design-led Sustainability) project, led by CSF’s Prof. Dilys Williams

Ideas that can change the World

A project in schools across England, that will tap into the fresh and exciting ideas of young people and help the best of them become realit

Modest Dressing

A research project about the growing market for modest clothing among women of the three Abrahamic faiths: Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Monetising Efficient Metadata

Linkage of body and clothing XML to ISO standardised e-business ERP systems and transactional markup languages.

Primitive Streak

A science-art collaboration elucidating 10 key events in human embryonic development.


A project researching Mass Customisation in Fashion throughout Europe on a wide and large scale.

Shopping Routes: Networks of Consumption

Investigated the development of London's West End as a key location in metropolitan, national and global cultures of fashion consumption.

SizeUK - Results from the UK National Sizing Survey

A collaboration with Department of Trade and Industry, British retailers and academics announcing the first ever UK National Sizing Survey.

Translating Fashion: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, 1910-2010

Fashion in Eastern Europe and Russia is contextualised by the collapse of socialism and the globalisation of information and commerce.

Unilever Projects & Commissions

A series of projects and commissions conducted with Unilever.


A scientist and fashion designer working together to create real solutions for a more sustainable world