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UAL Insights Privacy Notice

Featured collage image by Francesca Ceconi, photographs from UAL Insights workshop, Thai Mahendrakumar.

Find out how the UAL Insights programme collects, processes and stores your data.

This notice sets out how UAL’s Outreach programme, UAL Insights, uses your personal information. Your information is collected when you register for one our programmes using our online forms.

University of the Arts London (UAL) will process the information you provide on this form and personal data collected or created as part of our relationship with you.

We will also process your health or other sensitive data under GDPR 9(2)(a) ‘explicit consent of the data subject’ (you, the student), where you wish to tell us of special requirements.

What personal information we process

  • Your personal details, including name, gender and date of birth
  • Your contact details, including email address, telephone number and sometimes including postal address
  • Your education information including institution(s) attended
  • Your application(s) to UAL Further Education and Undergraduate courses
  • Your demographic information including whether you have ever been in care, are a young carer, if you are in receipt of free school meals, and if you are living independently or estranged from your family
  • Your parent contact details, and sometimes including parent education information and if they are in receipt of a means tested benefit
  • Your teacher contact details
  • Your image on UAL CCTV cameras, and sign in details at reception

With your written consent, we may also process sensitive personal data in relation to:

  • Your racial or ethnic origin and religious beliefs (if declared)
  • Your disabilities (if declared)
  • Your medical condition information (if declared), including required medication and doctor contact details
  • Your dietary requirements (if declared)
  • You can choose not to consent or can withdraw consent later by contacting, after which this data will be deleted within 30 days.

Why we process your data

The UAL Insights team collects data about students who come on our projects to run and evaluate the impact of our outreach programme. We use some of this data as part of the selection process for the programme (e.g. receipt of benefits) and to track students who go on to apply to UAL courses.

The personal data outlined above will be used under GDPR legal basis 6(1)(b) ‘necessary for the performance of a contract’ in order to deliver the workshops to you and support your learning when taking part in UAL Insights programmes:

  • To assess your eligibility for your chosen Insights programme(s)
  • To record attendance at Insights programme events
  • To invite you to participate in events and communicate relevant information about the Insights programme(s)

The personal data outlined above will be used under GDPR legal basis 6(1)(f)) in the legitimate interests of the University:

  • To secure UAL premises
  • To ensure the appropriate safeguarding procedures are in place and may be applied for Insights programme participants
  • To conduct surveys and undertake research
  • To enable the submission of data returns required for government bodies such as the Office for Students Access and Participation Plan
  • Exercising, responding to or defending legal claims
  • Producing management information, including that which informs the development of University policies and initiatives
  • We may publish reports based on the data you share with us, but it will never be possible to identify you in the reports

Where you have provided consent, the University will also use your personal data for the following activities:

  • To ensure the relevant team at the University can make any preparations for reasonable adjustments in due time for Insights programme participants with declared disabilities
  • To communicate relevant information about additional Insights activities, the University and its courses
  • To use images of you and your work in our coverage and promotional materials


After your participation, your personal data will be retained for a period of 6 years:

  • For proof of your consent and fulfilment of our agreement.
  • For tracking your progress through Further Education, Undergraduate and Postgraduate study in order to monitor and improve the effectiveness of the programme.

After 6 years, your data will be anonymised in bulk at the beginning of the next academic year and retained for a further 9 years:

  • For the purposes of reporting and evaluating the UAL Insights programme.

If you have consented to the use of images of you and your work, these will be retained for 2 years and deleted in bulk at the beginning of the next academic year.

This retention policy will be reviewed each year to ensure it remains fit for purpose and compliant with relevant legislation.


For more information on UAL and your rights as a data subject, please see the University’s full Privacy Information.