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Learn interior design online at the renowned Chelsea College of Arts.

The Chelsea approach to interior design emphasises creativity, using the teaching methods of an internationally recognised art school, to help you see new possibilities in space, develop your signature style and create unique and fresh designs that stand out. Our online courses allow you to access this education from wherever you are in the world, learning in small groups with the guidance, support and personal feedback of our expert tutors..

Awesome course, very practical advice and lots of resources to take my learning further. Great that it was a live chat: opportunity to interact with the teacher/ask questions etc. Highly recommend! thank you!

— Anna Bortsova
It was fun and engaging to learn. The online aspect works so well.

— Jonathan

UAL Online Short Courses

Was a great introduction to the basics and trying my own hand in application of the information learned, made me keen to continue with other courses.

— Liana Tai

Our online courses are an integral part of our overall Chelsea interior design curriculum, to give you more flexibility in designing your own personal learning programme. This means you have the choice to take some courses on campus and some online, depending on what suits your schedule best.

If you’d like to discuss your career plans and get some personalized advice from one of our experienced advisors, please contact us. Or read this article on how to become an interior designer.

Interior Design Courses

Additional courses with online sessions available