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Alumni of Colour Event: Pilot

Alumni of Colour Association: Announcements and Updates

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Published date 14 November 2018

Earlier this year, the UAL Alumni team explored the possibility of a UK-based group to support our alumni of colour in the creative industries. With the first event being held on Friday 7 December, we look back at how this has progressed and how you can get involved.

Pilot Event

A pilot event was held in April to gauge if this association would receive support from our alumni of colour community and to find out what people would expect. Over the summer a group of alumni volunteers reviewed the feedback and created a Terms of Reference document to reflect these opinions; this has helped outline the association’s purpose and goals and will help inform how it grows and develops. Below is a summary of the decisions made so far.

What is the purpose of this association?

The UAL Alumni of Colour Association is a supportive community to help increase the visibility and representation of people of colour in the creative industries.

The Committee

All committee members are volunteers, led by a president, who work on ways to unite and support their community by planning events, communications, and creative projects. London College of Communication alumna, Linett Kamala, has recently been appointed President, and Richie Manu, Senior Lecturer at UAL, has been appointed Vice President.

Meet Linett Kamala – President
Meet Richie Manu – Vice President
Natasha Miller – Head of Events

Linett Kamala & Richie Manu

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email for more information.

Vacant roles
Head of Communications
Head of Creative
Head of Outreach
Head of Membership

What’s in a name?

The name of the association was a topic that brought opposing views and after careful deliberation, with the feedback at hand, the name Alumni of Colour Association was chosen.

While some people “were not a fan”, the majority thought it was a name that grabbed their attention – particularly in an overcrowded inbox. Linett explains:

The name Alumni of Colour Association was chosen as it was felt most appropriate at this time with a view to leaving it up to a vote from members should there be a need to change it in the future.”

Why should the Alumni of Colour Association exist?

When the feedback from the pilot event was reviewed it was clear that people felt strongly about the creation of this association. This can be seen in the sample of anonymous responses below.

It is extremely helpful to have a community of colour to support each other, and that this is missing in many creative industries. Most creative industries are not diverse, and it is hard to find even general support in these arenas, to assist with finding a job and staying employed.”

I feel people of all different ethnic backgrounds and from all classes should be represented and encouraged to choose a creative path if that’s something they show an interest in. I feel Alumni of colour can not only help support under represented graduates but also the next generation making sure there is a diverse and rich community.”

What can members expect from this association?

The association will provide a space in which alumni can share ideas, knowledge, skills, and stories to increase confidence and spark empowerment.

A range of events will be created to encourage vibrant networking opportunities as well as facilitating career development and employment.

Being a group that helps with the practicalities of employment, as well as becoming a public voice that champion’s diversity in creative industries, this group will inspire, influence and create real change.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in joining the committee or offering your services to the Alumni of Colour Association, please email

If you would like to receive emails sent on behalf of the Alumni of Colour Association informing you of events and relevant news, please email to sign-up.

You can support this group by attending the next event taking place on Friday 7 December.

Attend the next event

Alumni of Colour Association: 5×5 Showcase and Networking Evening
Friday 7 December, 6:00-9:00pm
London College of Fashion, 272 High Holborn, WC1V 7EY
Register your place.

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