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Ashton Attzs Central Saint Martins UAL with their #ESPrize winning work ‘Don’t Stay In Ya Lane’ Photo courtesy of the artist

CSM student takes The Evening Standard Art Prize with ‘Don’t Stay In Ya Lane’

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Published date 16 November 2018

Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art student Ashton Attzs has beaten over 1000 entries to scoop the Evening Standard Art Prize 2018 for their tribute to the transgender community, Don’t Stay In Ya Lane.  Ashton described the painting as “an ode to our everyday swimmers, who glide against the waves of social injustice, stay afloat in life’s deep ends and must dive from the highest of boards in order to thrive”.

“As someone who is a queer person of colour and make work which is all about that and celebrates unrepresented people, it’s an honour to have been selected for this prize for that. The people that I represent are up there with me in a way.”

“The animated androgynous swimmers in the painting are a tribute to transgender individuals, who absolutely personify the meaning of progress. Being a transgender person is courage, strength and beauty”. – Ashton Attzs

Don't Stay In Ya Lane, Ashton Attzs, Central Saint Martins UAL

Don’t Stay In Ya Lane, Ashton Attzs, Central Saint Martins UAL

The theme for this year’s prize was “Progress” and Evening Standard arts editor William Moore announced the winner, explaining:

“It’s easy to make a political statement that is angry or polemic. It is much harder to make a political statement that is also joyful.”

“Ashton Attzs gave a work that is celebratory and empowering. It demands your attention the moment you enter a room.”

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