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Storyboarding for Film Narratives

Storyboarding for Film Narratives

London College of Communication
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Storyboard illustrations play an important part in the production of film, television and animation. On this course you will gain exclusive insight into raw materials that will be translated into practical exercises. You will be encouraged to embrace your personal background of varied inspirations and pick apart the passive role you play in simply viewing film material. You will be taught how to dive in and become one of the first people employed on a production; the script needs a director and a director needs a storyboard artist.

Through discussions and exercises you will understand what separates storyboarding (turning the written word into a sequential visual guide for filming) from illustration (producing single images for print). 

The course will enable you to understand the unique demands that characterise the relationship between director and storyboard artist. You will also learn about filmic language and how it affects what is required of the storyboard artist, and be introduced to the (sometimes harsh) reality of such work along with ways of dealing with the challenges it presents.

Topics Covered

  • Storyboarding process
  • Filmic language
  • Illustrative styles
  • Image making process

Course Outcomes
By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Learn about the visual language of storyboarding as it reflects a script and serves the act of film-making
  • Develop a drawing approach from initial breakdown to ‘rough stage’ ideas to ‘final’ stage storyboards
  • Understand what it is to break down written text and create a fluent visual narrative, employing POV (‘point of view’) to engage the viewer and drive the overall story

Who Should Attend
Aspiring film-makers, storyboard artists, illustrators wishing to diversify, gamers wanting to understand stories better.


Follow Up Courses
After you have completed this course you may be interested in Animation and Illustration Portfolio Preparation and Experimental Film and Moving Image.

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