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SZ Magazine features Study Abroad students

Four covers of SZ magazine showing four different portraits
Four covers of SZ magazine showing four different portraits
Covers of SZ magazine
Written by
Tracy Bennison
Published date
27 February 2020

One of Germany’s biggest broadsheet newspapers has featured two UAL Study Abroad students in its magazine.

Documenting life at Central Saint Martins over the past few months, Sűddeutsche Zeitung published a 46-page special edition of their magazine dedicated to London and the College. The magazine has eight alternative covers and one of the covers features Kira Niu, a student from Parsons, on our Integrated Study Abroad programme. The magazine also features a group shot featuring Jinjin Lin, study abroad student from FIT.

Front cover with Kira Niu

Front cover of SZ magazine featuring Integrated Study Abroad Student Kira Niu

The White Show

Picture from the White Show at CSM, December 2019

"The White Show is the big project for design students in the first year. Your initiation. No matter what direction you want to go in, fashion, journalism, styling, photography, you produce your own show and everything that goes with it: the invitations, lights, music, advertising, everything. There is a lot of attention."

Sarah Gresty, BA Fashion Course Leader at CSM

SZ Magazine Piece on Kira Niu

Group photo with Study Abroad student Jinjing Lin, bottom left

Group of students featuring Study Abroad student Jinjing Lin

"We should not prepare students for the world out there. We should prepare them to change the world out there… We have to get away from the idea that designers are only responsible for designing objects. Instead they have to become designers of situations and systems."

Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins

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