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Anna Tsuda: MSc Creative Computing

Anna Tsuda working in the studio wearing protective goggles.
Anna Tsuda working in the studio wearing protective goggles.
Photography by Alys Tomlinson.
Written by
Emily Wood
Published date
10 February 2020

Originally from Japan, Anna applied to the MSc Creative Computing course while in the final year of her undergraduate degree at Camberwell College of Arts. Her postgraduate course is now helping her fully prepare for a career as a user experience designer and developer.

"I first heard about the MSc Creative Computing course after attending the very first Design Sprint workshop organised by UAL’s Creative Computing Institute. After going to a couple more of their workshops and realising how much the content overlapped with my own areas of interest, I decided to submit an application for the master’s course.

Being part of the UAL community has been a wonderfully positive experience. The best part has probably been meeting students and staff from such diverse backgrounds and being able to get a glimpse into new and varied cultures. This has been really enjoyable, but I’ve also been finding ways to use these experiences to inform my own practice.

“UAL provides you with so many connections and I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had to directly meet and chat with inspiring creatives in the industry.”

I graduated in 2019 from BA Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts. Now being on a postgraduate course, I’m learning a lot from my classmates because we’re all from different undergraduate disciplines and industry backgrounds – there’s a constant exchange of knowledge!


Coming from a small city in Japan, I usually have to take the bullet train to Tokyo for events (especially around art, design and tech), so it’s a privilege to have so many opportunities on my doorstep in London.

“Going to events outside of university has helped me to explore new realms, network with interesting people and expand my design practice.”

I’m still absolutely amazed by the number of events, meetups, and exhibitions constantly happening in the city. At the beginning of the year, I got really excited and signed myself up to a load of extracurricular activities, soon realising that I had a bit too much on my plate!

I’ve cut down on my commitments now and am focusing on my studies and two part-time jobs. I feel a lot less overwhelmed! Just remember to always do what feels right for you and enjoy every moment."