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IT Regulations

IT Services aims to support your study by providing a variety of learning environments and a range of facilities and services. We need your active co-operation to ensure IT Services can deliver this aim. We aim to deal fairly and courteously with all our users, but in return we require that people respect what is asked of them in these guidelines.

If users of IT Services fail to abide by these, this may result in:

  • users’ behaviour or actions being reported to Course Leaders and Deans
  • users being asked to leave the premises
  • users’ rights to borrow being suspended
  • disciplinary or legal action

Please note that the University’s Disciplinary Code for Students states:

'Any offence in which the offender commits physical violence, malicious verbal abuse, threatening language or behaviour, theft, fraud or other fundamental breach of trust or negligently endangers staff, students or visitors must be regarded as gross misconduct and will, if verified by the investigating manager, lead to immediate suspension pending a disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion.'

Security systems including CCTV are in operation. If the exit alarm sounds, you are required to allow staff to check your belongings. All IT Services’ guidelines also comply with the existing codes of conduct, charters, statutes, ordinances and regulations of University of the Arts London.

When you sign the enrolment form you agree to abide by these guidelines.

IT Services codes of conduct

Follow the links below for further information and guidance:

IT Network & Acceptable use policy June 2016 (PDF 475KB)

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Use of Software & Data Sets

Use of Computing and IT Facilities

Computer Viruses

Privacy Information