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Refund and compensation policy

This policy sets out the circumstances in which compensation may be payable to a current student of UAL. It sets out the mechanism for applying for compensation and the factors the University will review when considering any claim.

This policy should be read alongside the University’s Tuition Fee Policy which sets out UAL’s policy for matters including, the payment of tuition fees and circumstances where refunds would be applicable.

Circumstances where compensation may be payable

UAL has a  ‘teach out’ policy under which we commit to ensuring the course of study can be completed by all currently enrolled students, even where the course is being discontinued and we will not be taking on new student cohorts.  Teach out arrangements aim to be in the original location and original college of UAL, however, where the course needs to move sites students will be transferred to another site of UAL, and will be given as much notice as possible to allow staff and students to plan a transition. In extreme circumstances UAL would transfer the teaching out of a course to a different college of UAL.

In the unlikely event that the University was not able to preserve continuation of study or where students have to transfer to a different course of study within the University, the payment of compensation for tuition and maintenance costs will be considered.

Each application will be considered on a case by case basis and the factors which will be considered include:

  • The course of study and circumstances for non-continuation
  • Any mitigation that UAL has put in place
  • Tuition fees and maintenance costs of any study which has to be repeated
  • Any additional tuition fees or maintenance costs as a result of transferring
  • Any additional travel costs incurred as a result of changing location
  • Relocation costs
  • Any distress and inconvenience that has been caused by UAL

How to apply for compensation

Applications for compensation should be made to The University Secretary and Registrar.  They should contain as much information as possible and the basis for any estimates of costs should be clearly set out.  Claims will be considered within 28 days and the outcome will be communicated to each applicant in writing.

Complaints and appeals

Where a student is dissatisfied with UAL’s assessment of their claim for compensation they should request a written explanation of the assessment from the Fee Manager for their college.  If they wish to challenge the basis for the assessment they should contact the University Secretary and Registrar.  If dissatisfied with the outcome the student should invoke UAL’s complaints and appeals procedure, which is set out on our website.

Download the Refund and Compensation Policy (PDF 94KB)